Trump Sets Epic Record For Selflessly Losing The Most Net Worth While Serving As President

(Rallying Patriots) – President Trump did everything in his power to prove that he was a president for the people while he was in office. Everything he did put America first including his routine donation of his salary.

Not only did Trump donate his salary to worthy causes for the entire four years he was in office but, unlike any other president in modern times, he took a massive financial blow during his 4-year tenure.

Others like Obama, Bush, and Clinton made millions while in office in contrast President Trump broke the record for losing the most amount of personal wealth while in office.

Forbes magazine recently published their current list of the world’s most wealthy and while Trump made the list again he dropped around 300 places and lost around $1 billion.

Nobody in the history of the US, possibly even the world, has given up as much as Trump has and he did it for the American people.

Forbes reported that from the time Trump was in the White House in January 2017 until his departure this year, his personal fortune dropped from $3.5 billion to $2.4 billion and dropped in ranking of the world’s wealthiest people by 300 spots.

Naturally, the Forbes writer couldn’t help but spin this into a negative thing for Trump instead of just admitting that Trump behaved selflessly over the course of his presidency.

Forbes writer Dan Alexander contended that Trump’s net worth dropped drastically not because of Trump’s selflessness but because of bad business decisions. Alexander, who makes a few thousand dollars a month, feels that he’s in the position to be critical of “business decisions” made by a successful billionaire.

Alexander wrote that at some point in time every investor “has kicked himself for holding an asset too long. Perhaps none, however, has made such a monumental miscalculation. By refusing to divest his portfolio upon taking office, Trump bogged down his presidency with ethics issues for years, while also missing a chance to cash in on a market boom he helped propel.”

Says the guy writing from his cubicle.

Can you imagine the blowback against Trump had he even so much as attempted to play the markets while in office? Can you imagine how the left would have utterly eviscerated him if he involved himself with personal business affairs during his presidency?

Now this leftist writer is attempting to insult and demean him over “bad business decisions.” President Trump will never win with the left no matter what he does.

Is it any wonder that he never tried to be liked by these radicals?

President Trump gave up on his personal businesses and dealings while in office. He did not partake in any lucrative deals, he gave up his annual salary and he did everything he possibly could do to prevent even the perception of impropriety.

Yet, none of it was enough for unhinged, Trump-hating leftists like Alexander.

They’ll never admit what a selfless man President Trump truly is and how honorably he really conducted himself while in office. He gave up so much only to be relentlessly abused, attacked and insulted by the rabid left.

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  1. DJT honored our country. He is the absolute PATRIOT. God bless him, we need his leadership in this country, in this world. God has a plan that includes DJT. WTP long to see that come to fruition. We long to see our country HONORED, Respected, appreciated. AMERICA FIRST and then we will be strong enough to help the rest of the world. GOD SPEED SIR..


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