Trump Hits Biden With Major Accusation

(Rallying Patriots) – Former President Donald Trump put Biden in the proverbial crosshairs and blasted away, accusing the administration for allegedly having prior knowledge of the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida, going on to say that President Joe Biden “knew all about” it.

“Biden knew all about this, just like he knew all about Hunter’s ‘deals,'” Trump went on to say in a post he published on Truth Social.

Trump, in a previous post on his account, went on to lament what happened at his estate on Monday.

“We are no better than a third world country, a banana republic,” Trump stated.

According to a report from Fox News, the former president then made the suggestion that the FBI raid was simply a continuation of the Russian collusion nonsense the left had leveled against him during his presidency.

“To make matters worse it is all, in my opinion, a coordinated attack with Radical Left Democrat state & local D.A.’s & A.G.’s,” Trump went on to say.

“The White House has repeatedly said President Biden did not have any prior knowledge of the FBI raid, and learned of it through public reports ‘just like the American people,'” the Fox News report said.

“No. The president was not briefed, and he was not aware,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre replied after being asked if Biden or any White House officials were aware of the raid or had been briefed about it before it happened. “No, no one at the White House was given a heads-up. No, that did not happen.”

“Agents on Monday searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, which is also a private club, as part of a federal investigation into whether the former president took classified records from the White House to his Florida residence, people familiar with the matter said. Trump was in New York City at the time on his way to Bedminster,” the report continued.

“A federal judge had to sign off on the warrant after establishing that FBI agents had shown probable cause before they could descend on Trump’s shuttered-for-the-season home — he was in New York, a thousand or so miles away, at the time of the search,” the report added.

At the end of the day, we all know this was a political attack on Trump. The radical left is terrified that he might actually be serious about running for president again, so they are attempting to prevent him from being able to do so by finding damaging intelligence that could result in his being disqualified from the race.

Another cheap tactic to buy them time to find a way to stay in power permanently.

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    • Embarrassed? These power-mad connivers have NO SHAME whatsoever for what they are doing and what they have done. It’s not just the “Biden regime”–it’s the WHOLE conniving, lying, power-mad Demmunist Party! They are corrupt, criminal and EVIL beyond redemption!

      • TRAITORS all these donkeys. Good Lord pleasemakee them repemt for all the damage they have done to our wonderful cvountry.! Shame on them. They have no scrples, no principles no values NO VIRTUES! Only EVIL is inside them.

  1. You’re assuming the conniving Demmunists have ANY shame about what they are doing! After BRAZENLY stealing control of the government through a fraudulent election, I think it is pretty sure they have NONE, and will literally do ANYTHING to get and KEEP political power and control over the rest of us!

  2. Nothing but a political witch hunt. With inflation at a 40 year high, gas prices that will rise after the election,a border crisis, the utter fiasco of Afghanistan and Putin(and possibly China in the near future) taking advantage of Biden’s incompetence, the last thing the “NAZICRATS” will need in November and 2024 is Trump running around saying “See, I told you so”

  3. Trump is doing his usual: lashing out at everyone else to obscure his (Trump) own mistakes. There is ABSOLUTELY, repeat ABSOLUTELY, no reason that Trump should have had ANY classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. All of those documents belong to the National Archives. Trump had delayed, ignored, refused to return those documents back to the National Archives. Additionally, Trump’s lawyer LIED to the FBI in writing in June that there were no other classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. There is no record of ANY declassification of ANY document by Trump as required by internal security protocols. Additionally, any document classified TS/SCI ( and there were MANY at Mar-a-Lago) will NEVER be available to be taken out of a SCIF (Secure Classified Intelligence Facility) – I.e., a vault like a bank vault, without extreme security measures being taken. ABSOLUTELY none of these situations at Mar-a-Lago. Trump is simply howling at the moon.

    • Why don’t you really point out what is going on. The Democrats have completely lost their collective minds with wanting to change everything about America and their leaders are TERRIFIED of being exposed. I worked in DC on Capitol Hill when Democrats and Republicans were not crazy divided. Most of the time you didn’t know who represented which party. I’m not going to point a finger at only one party…but you sound like you just hate Trump and that is that. It’s people like you who don’t have their eyes open to what is really going on because they are too busy looking over there at the distraction…so they don’t see what is taking place right before there eyes. My family is from a Communist country and I lived there for a year. It is eerily familiar to what is going on here. When you control the media…you control everything.

    • Then OBAMA shouldnt have his documents in a non descript place to this date, and Hitlery shouldnt have erased hers. So dont lecture us on Trump-! As a former president he has the authority and right to keep the declassified papers he wants. So stop your Bull S!

      And dont censor or moderate me cause you know Im RIGHT!

  4. Bill, I categorically reject your points. Trump (as president) was authorized to have classified documents, because he was in a position to declassify anything he wanted to. Your point is reductio ad absurdum. It is possible to argue that he should not have de-classified certain documents. But that requires an analysis and is arguable in any secure format. They were locked up in a room. End of argument.

    But I need to say something else Bill: Trump made some mistakes. He should not have listened to Birx and Fauci when he closed the country. He should have encouraged the states to re-open earlier. But this is a Federalized system with local control.

    Bill, you and I both know that your Democrats are doing a horrible job. They stabbed the very people in the back (American workers) who voted for them, with the war against carbon. Bill, your comments will not convince anyone here. It is time for a divorce. I want a divorce from you and your cohorts. I moved away to try to get it. We need to be separate. I hope you stay in your blue state, wherever that is.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  5. This a MJOR accusation?? Who cares? More Trump WHINING! Any time Trump is challenged, threatened, criticized, all he does is immediately throw BS out, hoping that something sticks and attention is focused anywhere but on his misdeed.

    • Isn’t that what the libbys are doing?…now they want him to testify in front of the people who cheated and stabbed him in the back….I pray this man has some shit on you parasites!!!!

    • And YOUR BS is beyond pale. Thatws why our country is in the hole for leftist marxzists like you who are ignorant fools. As if obama hadnt made lots OF MISTAAKES, AS IF bIDEN LEADS THIS NATION DOWN THE RIGHT PATH.!

  6. To keep hearing that democrats are going to extreme lengths is like hearing the same record over and over again. I do hope that Republicans are going to come up with a candidate for President who is a real B……D.
    Donald Trump was and is a gentleman. A fact democrats did not appreciate.
    So I just the next Republican President is a ……


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