Triggered: Compilation Shows Media Freakout Over Tucker Carlson Documentary

(Rallying Patriots) – One of the biggest charades pulled by the US government was the Jan. 6 debacle that resulted in President Trump being impeached for a second time by the House and conservatives being deemed domestic terrorists by the Biden regime.

We’re supposed to believe the narrative that President Trump encouraged those in attendance at his speech at the National Mall to go to the Capitol and attempt an insurrection on the US government.

Meanwhile, the so-called insurrection started before Trump even finished his speech and it seems that the Democrats have benefited heavily from the Jan. 6 fall out. Could that be because it was all a big set-up?

Of course it was.

Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson is attempting to prove to the world the truth about the Jan. 6 incident, which unglued leftists have dubbed as an event worse than 9/11.

He has released the first part of a three-part documentary detailing the truth surrounding the Jan. 6 event and concludes that it was likely a false-flag event set up by our own government with the express purpose of demonizing Trump and his supporters.

In the first installment, which aired Monday, Carlson pointed out that most Americans believe the chaos surrounding the formal counting of the Electoral College vote was because of intelligence failures or incompetence but that the investigation says otherwise.

The actual evidence suggests that rather than Trump inciting the violence and chaos it was actually “federal agents.” Carlson said this resulted in the “intentional entrapment of American citizens.”

“No decent person wants to believe that’s true. But increasingly there’s evidence that it is true.”

The incident also opened the door for the Biden regime to label Trump supporters, aka “white supremacists.” as the biggest threat against the US.

Naturally, the unhinged leftwing media mob is outraged over the documentary and have gone on an all-out smear campaign against it and Tucker Carlson himself.

A super-cut compilation shows the leftist hysterics as media organizations collectively meltdown over the documentary, titled Patriot Purge.

Leftist pundits from CNN to The Young Turks couldn’t even bother to watch the entire documentary before sounding off on it. They have immediately banded together to demonize Carlson and attempt to discredit the documentary labeling it as a right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda:

The irony is that Americans don’t trust a word that comes out of their mouths. Their biases and agendas have been exposed. Their ratings have tanked. People are tuning them out and they’re doing it in favor of people like Tucker Carlson.

Americans know how to recognize the truth, well the majority of us do anyway, and we know that Carlson is speaking the truth. The leftist shills over at CNN and MSNBC can whine and cry and throw as many tantrums as they want.

Their hysterics only further prove what we all already know; they’re liars and frauds.

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  1. I am beginning to believe I must
    Be the last American to take World History and Civics in High School and College. History has shown over and over again, and it is currently evident in Venezuela, Cuba and Sweden. Socialism leads to dictatorships and total failure of economy’s and civil liberties prosperity, opportunity education and so much more. Wake up America Socialism should be a crime here!!!! ????????????????????????

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