TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT: Vets Charge Biden’s State Department With ‘Actively Impeding’ Afghanistan Rescue Efforts

(Rallying Patriots) – As if it wasn’t bad enough that the Biden regime pulled the US out of Afghanistan leaving behind scores of Americans and American allies along with billions of dollars worth of munitions to the Taliban, now it appears they’re doing everything they can to stop rescue efforts.

US Army vets are charging that the Biden State Dept. is “actively impeding” efforts being made by volunteer groups to rescue American allies who have been stranded in Afghanistan which has been under the Taliban’s control for months.

The National Review reports that Afghanistan is on the brink of mass starvation and the efforts of dozens of private groups who are attempting to save people who don’t normally have the paperwork needed for a direct path to the US, have slowed to a near stop.

The leaders of some of those groups are pointing a finger at the US State Dept., telling National Review that the US is doing next to nothing to help them rescue American allies and, in some cases, is even actively blocking their efforts.

As the Afghanistan debacle has moved away from headline news, the fundraising for these groups has begun to dry up causing their bank accounts to be drained in order to continue rescuing people.

“It’s really demoralizing on the one hand, and it’s infuriating on the other,” said Jesse Jensen, a former Army Ranger.

Jensen, a Republican congressional candidate in Washington, is co-founder of the civilian rescue group Task Force Argo.

He argued that the federal government made a promise to those who served the U.S. that “we will extricate you, we will provide you with an immigrant visa that you will be able to come to the United States and live.”

“And we’re not honoring that,” he said.

From late August to late October, Jensen’s group helped rescue more than 2,000 people on five flights from Afghanistan but since then their efforts have been hindered.

According to the National Review, the State Department said in an email that they appreciate the desire of private citizens to assist with the evacuation efforts and the agency has been “evaluating requests for assistance on a case-by-case basis to support privately organized flights.”

“This support involves evaluating the passenger manifest provided to us by the private group or groups organizing these flights to see which proposed passengers, if any, are potentially eligible for permanent resettlement in the United States through some affiliation with the U.S. government.”

However, Jensen says that since the Aug. 31 withdrawal, the State Department “has constantly changed the standards and process to move evacuees out of Afghanistan.”

Bryan Stern, leader of the successful rescue group Project Dynamo, told National Review that he wishes the State Dept. would work with his group and others or, at the very least, reimburse them for their expenses. He says he and his volunteers are currently using credit cards to stay afloat.

Ben Owen, chief executive of the nonprofit Flanders Fields, says people shouldn’t forget about what’s happening in Afghanistan.

“People are dying every single day. Girls are being sold into marriage. Women are being raped. Kids are being killed. It’s bad,” he told National Review.

“We had a child get his finger cut off the other day because the dad wouldn’t turn himself in. The world needs to understand these things are happening,” he said. “We need awareness. We need the State Department to at least not impede third-nation agreements. It would be great if they would help us get them.”

We shouldn’t expect anything else from the Biden regime. Those in control want to see more chaos and unrest in the world, not less.

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