Top Prosecutor Petitions FCC To Investigate Fox Affiliate Over Negative Coverage, Tucker Carlson’s Show

(Rallying Patriots) – The top prosecutor in Baltimore has issued a request for a federal investigation into a Fox affiliate after they were critical of her and after it was discovered they had ties to Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” program, amid many other allegations.

According to WND, Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore City State Attorney, has accused Fox affiliate WBFF-TV of being dishonest, biased, and racist — of course they had to toss out the race card — in a letter that was sent to the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday.

Mosby’s office argued that the language used by the outlet’s coverage of the city’s attorney is “inflammatory against the safety of an elected official,” and that makes it a violation of federal statute.

In other words, they were harsh with her and she’s ticked off about it and wants to shut down criticism of her job performance by pretending like criticism is going to lead to someone assaulting.

“There appears to be an intentional crusade against State’s Attorney Mosby, which given today’s politically charged and divisive environment, is extremely dangerous,” Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office Communications Director Zy Richardson stated in the letter that was addressed to Acting FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel.

“I have noted that the news coverage of the WBFF persistently follows a disconcerting and dangerous pattern: beginning with a slanted, rigged, misleading, or inflammatory headline; followed by a conspiracy theory; and supported with guest commentary from disgruntled ex-employees or political opponents that lend false credibility to their biased coverage or omission of facts,” she went on to say.

Richardson stated that the WBFF has violated FCC rules that exist to prohibit from intentionally distorting news and then goes on to say that rigging the news is a “heinous act against the public interest.”

Well, that’s rich. The left has been “rigging the news” against Republicans for a very long, long time. So does that mean they are guilty of violating federal law? Something to think about.

“The letter specifically cited six articles, including one editorial, published by WBFF, which Richardson said exemplified the outlet’s “dangerous” bias. She said WBFF has run 141 slanted stories against the city’s top prosecutor,” WND reported.

“In one of the referenced articles, WBFF reported in April that Mosby had selectively enforced the law — part of an initiative Mosby publicly announced she would pursue in March — which caused confusion at law enforcement agencies including the Baltimore Police Department. Another article reported in September on an Operation: Crime & Justice investigation that purportedly showed a lack of oversight on Mosby’s fundraising activity,” the report added.

Richardson then went on to repeatedly suggest in the letter that there was some kind of editorial connection between the affiliate and Fox News, which she then stated is “infamous for its bias against people of color.”

Yes, that’s right. She called Fox News racist. How original.

The letter stated that civil rights groups have been demanding Tucker Carlson be fired over “frequent endorsements of white supremacy views” expressed on his television program. Local Fox affiliates and Fox News are owned by Fox Corporation, but they do not share any editorial staff.

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