Top Investigative Journalist And Author Confirms He’s Reviewing 26,000 Hunter-Linked Emails

(Rallying Patriots) – When the New York Post originally broke the story about the emails in Hunter Biden’s laptop, the left did everything in their power to hide the stories and run defense for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden himself claimed that the stories were just “Russian disinformation” and a “smear campaign” on the part of President Trump.

The emails were verified and corroborated by associates of the Biden crime family but that still wasn’t enough for the mainstream, establishment media to fairly report on them.

Now, the president of the Government Accountability Institute and a Gatestone Institute distinguished senior fellow, Peter Schweizer, has confirmed that he is personally reviewing 26,000 emails related to Hunter Biden.

He says that he doesn’t just have printouts of emails or screenshots, he has access to an email account of a former Biden family associate which contains tens of thousands of emails linked to Hunter.

Schweizer, author of the books “Profiles in Corruption,” “Secret Empire,” and “Clinton Cash,” released commentary on the Institute’s website detailing how he came upon access to this email account.

In 2019, Schweizer says he was contacted by a man named Bevan Cooney who claimed to be a former business partner of Hunter Biden.

Cooney was apparently in prison on fraud charges and so Schweizer did not immediately respond to him, however, in late 2020 Cooney reached out to Schweizer again and gave him “written consent to directly access his personal Gmail account, which contained 26,000 emails relating to his business dealings with Hunter Biden.”

Schweizer noted the significance of having access to the actual email account itself. He reports that him and his team have “been pouring through its contents and cross-checking them against other sources to confirm their authenticity and accuracy.”

He explains that they have been cross-referencing them with emails from Hunter Biden’s own laptop and with “Secret Service travel logs, materials provided by” Tony Bobulinski, another former Hunter Biden associate, and “Senator Ron Johnson’s committee report on these matters.”

Schweizer asserts that all of these sources “match up perfectly.” He has not yet released exactly what the emails contain, however, as they are not finished with their work.

He went on to explain just how significant the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop has been, saying, “It is primary, original source,” so much so that “even Hunter Biden finally has acknowledged it.”

Schweizer, however, has had extensive knowledge of the international business dealings of Hunter Biden while his father Joe Biden was Vice President and foreign policy point man for both Ukraine and China even prior to Hunter’s laptop being discovered.

In 2018, Schweizer wrote about these dealings in his book “Secret Empire.”

“The book made plain what many had suspected – that Hunter Biden received money, position, and other favors from foreign governments and corporations that were eager to please his father,” he said.

He added that the book proved that “there was no way that Hunter could have gotten such things without his father’s name, position and knowledge.”

Schweizer also called out the absurd and blatantly biased way in which the left-wing sycophant media has handled the Hunter Biden email stories saying that despite all of the proof and evidence the media still accused them “of engaging in a ‘witch hunt’” for the sole purpose of embarrassing the Biden family.

Now that we have even more proof that Hunter and Joe Biden engaged in unethical and potentially criminal business dealings with foreign entities, will anything ever be done about it?

Is the judicial system in America really that totally and completely broken and beholden to the Deep State that it refuses to hold the Biden’s accountable simply because they are one of their own?

If this would have been Trump and his children, Trump would be sitting in a jail cell somewhere. Yet, Joe Biden sits in the nation’s top office.

What a complete sham.

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