Top Doctor: Biden Ceding U.S. Sovereignty To China

(Rallying Patriots) – A famous reformer in the field of psychiatry, who has been working tirelessly to shine a spotlight on how the Biden administration is making secret moves to try and give the World Health Organization’s chief unilateral power to declare health emergencies here in the United States, is now contending that the U.S. is ceding much of its sovereignty to the Communist Party government in the nation of China.

During an in-depth interview conducted with WND, Dr. Peter Breggin chats about the shocking implications for the future of our republic in the amendments from the current administration’s International Health Regulations. These proposed regulations are going to be the subject of upcoming votes at the annual meeting of the governing legislative body of WHO, the World Health Assembly, on May 22-28. The meeting will be held in Geneva, Switzerland.

“The current WHO director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Breggin explained, already has demonstrated what it would look like if he were given more power, having collaborated with Beijing in covering up the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic and agreeing with the regime during the early stages that the virus wasn’t dangerous,” the WND report said.

“The U.S. is the one power that stands in the way of globalism,” Breggin went on to say during the interview.

Many Americans, Breggin stated, hold to a traditional Judeo-Christian worldview that believes “God doesn’t intend for us to be run by the communist Chinese or Bill Gates or any of these Western or Eastern predators.”

Breggin, who is 86 and graduated from Harvard and Case Western Reserve Medical School, is most widely known as the “conscience of psychiatry” due to the many reforms he helped bring about in the field. A few of these major reforms include the use of lobotomies and electroconvulsive therapy, along with the use of harmful medications.

The reformer just put out a new book called, “COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey,” which seeks to reveal all of the organizations and people who are profiting from global coronavirus pandemic.

“Breggin said the response from Congress to the recent revelation of the Biden administration’s WHO amendments has been slow. But he and his team are beginning to reach out directly, noting he was on the phone earlier Tuesday with congressional staff,” the report continued.

“It looks like this could be a firestorm,” he stated.

Breggin revealed that he’s also having conversations right now with state attorneys general.

“I’m hoping attorneys general will see the threat to their own states’ rights,” he added, “because Biden isn’t going to see a threat to anybody’s rights.

Breggin is urging concerned citizens to find out more on his website and to take action by contacting their representatives, placing an emphasis on using phone calls to do so because they seem to be the most effective means of communication.

“WHO’s long-term goal, he warned, is to establish treaties between nations would be binding under international law. That prospect, he affirmed, underscores the importance of electing members of Congress this fall who understand WHO’s objectives and the implications for American sovereignty,” WND reported.

“Among many other related topics, Breggin discusses with WND the current significance of an organization Bill Gates set up with Klaus Schwab to manage global vaccination campaigns,” the publication stated.

Breggin went on to say that all of his time and experience working as someone to reform the world of psychiatry — which led to a lot of heavy criticism from the scientific community and from major drug manufacturers — has prepared him for this specific moment in time.

He went on to recall that his wife, Ginger, who has worked closely with him in much of his reform work over the decades, saying as the pandemic unfolded, “You know, honey, I thought that God put me here to help you be the conscience of psychiatry. I think that was just a warmup. He wants us to join the freedom fight for America.”

After that came endorsements from “these wonderful docs,” which includes Dr. Peter McCullough, a leading critic concerning pandemic response, with Breggin saying, “and we had a whole new world.”

“This has been such an experience for us,” he stated as he reflected on his role in the current global situation. “We went from fear, and terror, and other various emotions, to thanking God, at our age… for a second life.”

“We’ve met incredible people all over the world,” he continued.

Breggin stated that most of these folks that he has met are “conservative Christians,” stating that he comes from a “progressive Jewish” background.

The reformer then said a “refounding of America” is the “only hope for the earth.”

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