Texas Gov. Abbott: We’ve Sent 45 Buses Of Migrants To DC So Far, Willing To Send 450 And More

(Rallying Patriots) – A new report from the Western Journal has revealed that Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has sent a whopping total of 45 buses packed full of illegal aliens to Washington, D.C., and he stated earlier this week he’s prepared to send 10 times that and even more if that’s what it takes to finally get the Biden administration to do something about the crisis at the southern border.

During a joint news conference Monday that took place in Eagle Pass, Texas, that featured the city’s mayor and other local officials, Abbott stated he’s going to keep the busing program active after kicking it off last month, due to the fact moving the illegals out is a “relief valve” for communities located along the border.

“And we’re up to our 45th bus now, when you add a zero to that, I think Washington, D.C., is going to soon find out they’re going to be dealing with the same consequences as we’re dealing with,” the Republican governor stated during the news conference.

“Our goal in sending the buses is to help local communities. The idea arose in a meeting like I had here, but it was in Uvalde,” Abbott went on to explain.

The governor then recounted that the city of 16,000 had “no capability” for handling the flood of illegals pouring into the area on its own.

“And they talked about having to put them on buses and send them up to San Antonio. I said, ‘I have a better idea, we’re going to send them to Washington, D.C,’” Abbott stated during his time speaking at the news conference.

“Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas, a Democrat, called on President Joe Biden in early May to come to his community so the nation’s chief executive can better understand the crisis,” the Western Journal said. “At Monday’s news conference, Salinas said as mayor his top priority is the safety and security of the citizens of his community.”

“Right now, we don’t have that 100 percent because we have thousands of people crossing from over 100 countries into our community,” the mayor went on to say, at around the 29-minute mark in the video up above.

“We do not know who these people are. I constantly get calls from constituents that are worried because they have groups of people walking through their neighborhood, and that is something that is not normal,” he added.

The Republican governor then went on to stress that what’s going on along the southern border is the result of Joe Biden abdicating his responsibility to enforce the nation’s immigration laws. Which, you know, is exactly why the executive branch exists in the first place.

“One thing Americans believe in is the rule of law and to have a president of the United States who refuses to enforce the rule of law is causing the American public to lose faith in that president,” he went on to state, about the 38-minute mark in the video.

Abbott then explained that Biden’s neglect of this issue includes Vice President Kamala Harris who he put in charge of the problem more than a year ago. And she has done absolutely nothing to help solve the problem. Nothing at all.

“President Biden has never once even tried to contact me about the border. The czar for the border, Kamala Harris, has never once tried to contact me,” Abbott remarked.

“The governor further revealed his last contact with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was in February 2021,” the Western Journal reported.

“They have no interest in talking to Texas or talking to leaders who are actually on the border. And remember, Joe Biden himself has never even been to the border,” Abbott stated.

“We’re dealing with a crisis. It is man-made by President Biden, who doesn’t want to take the time to even come to the border or talk to the governor of a border state,” he continued.

Abbott then made a prediction that Texas will keep having a significant issue with illegal immigration at the border until there is significant change in policy over in Washington.

“We’re going to have challenges as long as we’re fighting against the government that’s causing these problems with illegal immigration,” he explained.

In an earlier portion of the news conference, Abbott celebrated a federal judge’s ruling from Louisiana that is helping to preserve Title 42 for the time being.

“The public health policy related to the COVID-19 pandemic allows for the instant removal of migrants without officials hearing their asylum claims,” the report said. “Asked what he will do if the Biden administration refuses to comply with the court ruling, Abbott replied he will take them right back to court.”

“The inadequate enforcement of Title 42 by the Biden administration obviously is a concern,” the governor stated.

“We will be seeking sanctions and penalties against the United States of America, seeking to hold them in contempt of court, if they refuse to enforce Title 42 the way that it exists,” Abbott said.

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