Texas Gov. Abbott Calls For “2nd Amendment Sanctuary State” Legislation In The Wake Of Biden Gun Control Declaration

(Rallying Patriots) – Joe Biden is making good on his promise to infringe upon Americans’ Second Amendment rights despite claiming that’s not what he’s doing.

On Thursday, Biden announced his “initial” executive actions on gun control during remarks he made in which he also shamefully disparaged the United States.

“Nothing I’m about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment… No amendment to the Constitution is absolute. You can’t yell ‘fire in a crowded movie theater and call it freedom of speech. From the beginning, you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own,” he said.

“Gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it’s an international embarrassment,“ Biden asserted despite the fact that he is actually the “international embarrassment.”

During Thursday’s press conference, Biden announced six executive actions to be implemented by his fraudulent regime. The orders will essentially circumvent Congress using the Department of Justice as a means to infringe upon Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights.

They include the Justice Department issuing a rule proposal within 30 days to stop the increase of “ghost guns.”

The Justice Dept. would also have 60 days to make up a rule proposal that would “make clear when a device marketed as a stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act.”

Within those 60 days the Justice Dept. will also “publish model ‘red flag’ legislation for states” which would allow for family members to petition courts to temporarily suspend an individuals’ Second Amendment rights if that individual is experiencing a “crisis” and present a danger to themselves or others.

Biden also announced that his regime will be “investing in evidence-based community violence interventions,” and the Justice Dept. will begin issuing an “annual report on firearms trafficking.”

He also announced the nomination of radical gun control zealot David Chipman to head up the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

Sure sounds like these executive actions will most definitely stop crazy, criminals with illegal weapons who are determined to murder other humans.

This is, however, only just the beginning and many across the country are raising the red flag on Biden’s gun control efforts.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has made the call for state legislators to produce a bill declaring the state of Texas a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” in the aftermath of Biden’s announcements.

Abbott contends that “Biden is threatening our 2nd Amendment rights” and that his remarks Thursday were “a new liberal power grab to take away our guns.” He added that this “will NOT” be allowed in Texas.

This is just the beginning of Joe Biden’s war on the Second Amendment.

“It’s time to get legislation making TX a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State passed and to my desk for signing,” the governor stated.

Abbott has previously gone up against the Obama administration when the former Democrat president threatened to unilaterally impose stricter gun rules on the selling and purchase of firearms.

“Obama wants to impose more gun control,” Abbott tweeted at the time. “My response? COME & TAKE IT.”

Looks like he is taking a similar stance now. We can only hope more state leaders will do the same.

Despite Biden’s insistence that he is not infringing upon our 2nd Amendment rights, that’s exactly what he’s doing.

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  1. There’s evidence that JB is chronic Narcissist of a dangerous type! His undoing of the effective control over illegals. That’s why he won’t admit his errors!


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