Surprise! Look Who Tops Dems’ Presidential Wish List

(Rallying Patriots) – Democrats in the US have been totally brainwashed. The party has been hijacked by radical left globalists for decades now and even though this is painfully obvious now, there are still millions of Americans who refuse to see it and still pledge allegiance to this corrupt anti-America political party.

The left is hyper-focused on race and gender and Democrat voters have been made to believe that they are the only qualifications that matter when it comes to elected officials.

This is why a new survey has found that the two most popular Democrats to run in the 2024 presidential race, should Joe Biden (who will likely be vegetative at that point) decide not to run, are both black women.

The Hill-HarrisX poll found that Kamala Harris, who is currently posing as the vice president, and former first lady Michelle Obama are the leading Democratic candidates for 2024.

How are so many Americans this utterly stupid? Barack Obama did so many horrible things for this country and yet Democrats eagerly support Michelle Obama for president. It’s truly mind-boggling.

Those same Americans are the ones driving around in their cars alone with a facemask on. They’re the same ones who will diligently line up for booster after booster and angrily insist they’re doing it for YOUR safety. They’re the same ones who think borders are “racist” and that climate change is the biggest “existential threat” facing the US.

These people are mindless drones controlled by the corrupt mainstream media.

They don’t care about qualifications like leadership ability or charisma for the highest elected official in the US. The only things they care about are race and gender.

Ironically, the radical left installed Joe Biden in 2020 instead of a woman of color. What does that tell you about how much the left actually cares about the causes they claim to support?

Meanwhile, voters have been brainwashed into thinking Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama would make a great president.

The survey had Harris leading a handful of Democratic candidates with 13% of support, followed by Obama who had 10%.

Other candidates listed in the poll include several Democrats who previously ran for president in 2020 such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Cory Booker, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and businessman Andrew Yang, all of which received 5% or less.

Yang, however, withdrew from the Democratic Party months ago.

Interestingly, 36% said they weren’t sure who they preferred while 13% said they are looking to support a different candidate from those that were listed on the poll.

Despite receiving support from 13% of the respondents, Kamala Harris is still wildly unpopular and extremely unlikeable. Americans see right through her phony façade and her disingenuous cackle.

In October, a project run by the Los Angeles Times which tracks opinion polls from around the country, found that she is less popular than the incredibly unpopular Joe Biden, who’s approval ratings are in the 30% range.

She would never win against President Trump. None of them would. He’s already proven that he can and will beat any Democrat on the scene. If they want to win in 2024, without cheating, they’re going to have to look outside the box.

No one wants Kamala Harris to be the commander-in-chief. She couldn’t even win a primary in her home state of California. She most certainly would never win a general election that wasn’t rigged.

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