Steve Bannon War Room: ‘We Need A Cleansing’ Of The Republican Party

(Rallying Patriots) – Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon no doubt caused many members of the GOP, particularly the RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) who are part of the establishment by calling for conservatives to purge the Republican Party of “gutless” politicians at the ballot box.

This, of course, is a serious deal for these individuals. What Bannon is calling for is the removal of these loafers from the political welfare system that has made their pockets fat for sitting around on their duffs and doing nothing while Democrats burn the country to ashes.

According to a report from Infowars, Bannon stated, “The problem we have in this country is not the radical left — every country is always going to have the radical left. It’s an establishment that is too gutless to stand up to them.”

“This has got to all be broomed out of the Republican Party, broom it all out. We need a cleansing. We need a cleansing at the ballot box,” he added.

“The first way you’re going to stop them is to confront it every time it comes up,” he continued.

Later on in the War Room program Bannon put Sen. Mitt Romney, the biggest RINO of them all, on full blast for attacking the Arizona election audit over the weekend.

“This is what the elites do. They talk a big game. They deride patriots. No. This is a fight for democracy. Any one patriot that was on the deck plates in Arizona has 1,000 times more patriotism and grit and dedication to this country, to the hundreds of thousands of patriot grades that we have all over the world in defense of liberty for the common man throughout the world than the entire Romney family combined,” Bannon went on to explain.

“For him to sit there on CNN and mock and ridicule Rudy Giuliani? Sir, Rudy Giuliani has more patriotism in his finger than you have in all your family lineage. OK? Romney particularly irks me because he’s such a disgusting hypocrite. He sits there and mocks Rudy and plays into all the mainstream media. It’s all fantasy. It’s a big lie. No sir!” Bannon ranted.

“Once again, these people around President Trump, President Trump endorsed him because he was talked into it by these clowns around him,” he said, adding, “We could have had a real challenge in Utah. There’s no need for Romney to be in the Senate. No need whatsoever for Romney to be in the Senate.”

“And, don’t think, you’re no longer going to get a free shot on goal. No more free shots on goal. This audit was done by patriots. People that put their shoulder to the wheel. The little guy. That’s what delivered,” he concluded.

It’s well past time to get rid of these fakers. And the only way that happens is for those of us with our eyes open to share the truth with other conservatives and get them on board with getting rid of establishment politicians and installing folks in office who actually practice what they preach when it comes to American values.

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  1. We need to Primary all RINOs out of the GOPe and replace them with actual “Public Servants”
    Support individual MAGA candidates and not the GOPe.


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