Smoking Gun Found On Laptop! Joe Biden Is Done For…

(Rallying Patriots) – Hunter Biden’s laptop continues to be the gift that keeps on giving and now it would appear that a smoking gun has finally emerged proving Joe Biden has used his position in US politics to enrich himself and his family.

Hunter Biden’s laptop has exposed how much Hunter and Joe Biden mixed their personal and business dealings.

Just the News reports the laptop has revealed that Hunter has paid his father’s bills, received tax refunds from Joe Biden, and had his foreign clients interact with his dad who were attempting to gain access to the White House.

The Biden family business shenanigans have been going on for decades, including all the way back when Joe Biden was a senator and when he was Vice President under Barack Obama.

Just the News and the Government Accountability Institute have reviewed more than 100,000 messages found on the laptop, which is now in the FBI’s possession.

In addition to the laptop itself, Just the News and GAI also reviewed memos and bank records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, from publicly available court filings or volunteered from two former Hunter Biden business associates.

When looked at as a whole, this is quite the smoking gun against Joe Biden and his criminal family enterprise.

In 2009, Hunter Biden teamed up with former Yale friends Christopher Heinz, stepson of then-Senator John Kerry, and Devon Archer to form the cover company Rosemont Capital. This business was used as a front for international business dealings all around the world involving a variety of industries.

In 2010, Hunter and Eric Schwerin of Rosemont subsidiary Rosemont Seneca helped the White House complete Joe Biden’s tax return while he was serving as Vice President. They diverted his Delaware state tax refund to Hunter to pay off a loan Joe Biden owed his son.

Schwerin also wrote an email detailing maintenance and improvements done to Joe Biden’s Delaware lakefront home that Hunter had paid for.

Hunter Biden also paid Joe Biden’s cell phone bill for 11 years, totaling $25,000, while Joe Biden was a Senator.

According to emails found on the laptop which refer to Joe Biden as “the big guy” and “Pop” and “my chairman,” it would appear as though Joe Biden was counting on his son and his associates to make him very rich before he left office.

The Western Journal reports:

A 2017 email indicated Hunter was designating 10 percent of a big Chinese deal for “the big guy,” said Just the News, citing a 2018 Peter Schweizer book “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends.”

In 2009, with Joe Biden recently installed as vice president, his brother, James, joined with Hunter Biden in enriching themselves in areas of the world where the vice president had substantial influence, according to Just the News.

James, for instance, got a construction contract of a billion dollars in Iraq, while Joe Biden was overseeing U.S. military operations in that country, and Hunter made millions of dollars from Burisma, a corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas company. Neither man knew much about the areas in which they made these monies.

There seems to be so much evidence piling up against Joe Biden and his family that even the mainstream media can no longer ignore the stories or lie about them.

Congressman Darrell Issa of the House Judiciary Committee told Fox News Tuesday that the FBI and the Justice Department had lied about the laptop and its contents.

“As we now discovered, the FBI and Department of Justice were actually feeding Twitter false information saying that there was going to be misinformation about Hunter Biden and a laptop coming out when in fact for two years they had the real McCoy and they knew they had it.

“So there is swamp activity in addition to the media [disinformation], all of which will need to be investigated and we have to find a way to stop it in the future.”

Asked to clarify that statement, Issa added: “We have statements from officials at Twitter that they were briefed by the administration and told about [Hunter Biden’s laptop]. Now, if they’re lying, we’ll find out when they’re under oath.

“But that’s their statement at this point, is that part of their reason for, quote, calling it misinformation, came from within the [Trump] administration. And of course that means it came from people who were rogue relative to the truth, because they had the real McCoy and knew it was the real McCoy — and had had it for more than a year.”

“Obviously, there’s a lot of cover-up that’s gone on,” Issa said later in the interview.

There is a lot of cover-up that’s been going for quite a long time involving many, many different people and organizations. It’s time for some accountability.

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  1. I am not holding my breath waiting for ANY conniving, corrupt, CRIMINAL Demmunist to be held accountable for any of their many crimes, bribe-taking and outright THEFT.

  2. The FBI, DOJ and OTHER “watchdogs” have become nothing more than the GESTAPO and KGB of the conniving Demmunists. They’ve had ABUNDANT proof of the Biden crime family’s bribe-taking from foreign enemies, not to mention brazen money-laundering schemes like Hunter’s “art career,” for YEARS and have done EFF-ALL about it except COVER IT UP. So, NO I don’t believe the Biden crime family will be held accountable, with the (Demmunist) fox in charge of the hen house!

  3. There must be someway that our constitutional government and it’s laws can prosecute all these corruptive people and the organization within the government they work. Does that mean that because of all the “rotten apples” there is no facet within the government that is clean and will clean up this mess?


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