SICK: Unhinged MSNBC Host Tweets “#DealWithIt” After 4 US Marines Are Killed In Kabul

(Rallying Patriots) – In response to the deadly suicide bombings outside of Kabul’s airport on Thursday, which took the lives of 13 US service members, Nance told his nearly 1 million Twitter followers to “deal with it.”

At the time of his now-deleted post, it was reported that 4 Marines were killed. The fatalities, however, increased to 13.

“U.S. officials said 11 Marines and one Navy medic were among those who died. They said another 12 service members were wounded and warned the toll could grow. More than 140 Afghans were wounded,” according to AP News.

Nance took the opportunity to minimize the loss of American lives.

“20 YEARS- FYI there have been terrorist suicide bombers killing civilians nearly DAILY in Afghanistan. This ain’t new. It’s why we are leaving,” Nance tweeted before adding the hashtag “#DealWithIt,” he wrote.

The blowback on social media was swift as people pushed back on Nance over his stance that people should just “deal with” the loss of life.

“Imagine not just thinking this, but feeling so beyond shame and perspective that you tweet it publicly,” Fourth Watch editor Steve Krakauer responded.

“Malcolm, this is a sh-t take,” journalist Siraj Hashmi wrote.

“Can’t think of anything witty to say here but maybe if your tweet about a suicide bombing includes ‘hashtag dealwithit’ it’s not a good tweet,” journalist Jack Crosbie responded.

Nance is a typical leftist with a long history of pushing wild conspiracy theories and lies such as the debunked Russia-collusion hoax. He has used his platform at MSNBC to peddle false narratives and real misinformation and suffers from severe Trump Derangement Syndrome to the extent that he has pushed the idea that Trump was a Russian asset.

In 2017, he also tweeted that the Islamic State terror organization should execute a suicide bombing on Trump Tower in Istanbul. While he removed the tweet he never did apologize for the sick sentiment.

He’s a favorite guest of partisan hacks Joy Reid and Lawrence O’Donnell so it’s no surprise that in response to being called out for his vile tweet, Nance played the race card.

“AFGHANISTAN: We have lost 4 of our servicemembers. The reality is this is terrible. The cost could be greater if we don’t complete this mission. For the Racist assholes who are writing & calling me a “N*gger” you disgraced their loss & the other 2,372 of our brothers & sister,” Nance wrote on Twitter.

This guy is sick!

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  1. Calling this jackass, Nance, the “N” word was being kind!! I think he should be called worse for saying to deal with it over the deaths of those servicemen!! He should not even be allowed air time!! Send him over there to report the news!


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