Shock Video: “I Don’t Want To Say We Need To Start Killing All White Folks… But… Maybe They Need To Feel The Pain And Hurt”

(Rallying Patriots) – The propaganda-pushing mainstream media outlets like CNN and MSNBC have directly caused division and hate in America unlike anything we’ve seen in modern history.

They have been pushing the narrative that all white people are “racist” and that all black people are innocent victims of “systemic racism” over which they have absolutely no power. The narrative is that black people are perpetual victims and have no control over their own circumstances.

The mainstream media outlets along with radical organizations like Black Lives Matter have also convinced black communities to believe outright disinformation and fake news.

Black people genuinely believe that the police are out to murder them, as if those who get shot by the police are just innocent bystanders minding their own business.

The left is removing all accountability for black people while also convincing them that all the “bad” in their lives is a result of oppression by white people.

It’s completely and utterly absurd and unbelievable but the radicalization of entire communities of black people is the grim reality in America today.

Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict, which was no doubt a result of jury bullying done by BLM activists, politicians and the media, did nothing to calm the hate and tone down the rhetoric.

As a matter of fact, it seems to, oddly enough, have only fanned the flames of racial tensions. We never should have expected anything less. The Marxist ideology behind BLM is singularly focused on destroying America from within, after all.

In a shocking video by Gonzo journalist and filmmaker Ami Horowitz, several black people were interviewed and gave their opinions on street justice, burning down cities and future action against white people.

Sadly, their radical ideas and the nonsense they believe isn’t surprising.

“Burn the whole city down, what does it matter?” one of the women asked, while another woman said, “I say burn the city down, y’know? So they can see that we’re here.”

One woman stated that she didn’t believe Chauvin deserved a trial at all, “There shouldn’t even be a trial, he should be convicted just as is,” she said.

Naturally, the consensus was that if Chauvin was not found guilty he would have been meant with “street justice,” meaning murder.

One woman showed just how indoctrinated these communities have become when she claimed that “thousands” of unarmed black people were killed just last year in the US. Horowitz’ video points out that in 2020, 18 unarmed black people were actually killed, a far cry from “thousands.”

Several of the individuals interviewed agreed that a “genocide” was going on against black people and “anyone who isn’t white” despite there being absolutely no proof of this.

The actual facts don’t support any such notion and, if anything, crime and abortion rates would suggest that black people are committing genocide against themselves.

Several of those interviewed said they believed another Civil War would be justified and one woman went as far as to literally call for the actual genocide of white people, saying, “I don’t want to say we need to start killing all white folks, but it’s like…”

“But…?” Horowitz asked.

“Maybe they need to feel the pain and the hurt,” she continued.

Could you imagine the outrage if white people were featured in a video saying these things about black people? Black people are claiming that there is an actual genocide against them going on while they literally call for the genocide of white people.

America is heading down a seriously dangerous road and the establishment media, Marxist organizations like BLM, and Corporate America are pushing us further and further along.

We are living in some scary, unstable times.

Video: Tucker reacts to politicization of Derek Chauvin trial

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