SHOCK STUDY: Pfizer COVID Vaccine Converts Into DNA In Human Cells!

(Rallying Patriots) – Ever since the COVID-19 vaccine came out, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, along with a number of other so-called medical experts and scientists, have claimed that the mRNA technology does not “change or interact with your DNA in any way.”

Well, according to a new report from WND, a study conducted in Sweden has found that Pfizer’s shot actually goes into the liver cells and converts to DNA. So either they knew this was going to happen from the get-go or this is one of those unforeseen problems we’ve all been trying to warn folks about ever since this experimental vaccine hit the market.

This is the first time that researchers have shown in vitro — or inside of a petri dish — how the mRNA vaccine is actually converted into DNA on a human liver cell, according to the Epoch Times.

Again, this is something that both health experts and those delightful pieces of humanity called “fact-checkers” told us for more than a year could not happen. And it’s happening.

“Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist and epidemiologist who is one of the leading critics of the COVID vaccines, said the findings have “enormous implications of permanent chromosomal change” that could drive a ‘whole new genre of chronic disease,'” the WND report said.

The CDC has assured Americans that the mRNA, along with the spike protein that it helps to manufacture in COVID-19 vaccines to help create an immune response “don’t last long in the body.”

On its website, the agency goes on to say, “Our cells break down mRNA and get rid of it within a few days after vaccination. Scientists estimate that the spike protein, like other proteins our bodies create, may stay in the body up to a few weeks.”

On a page titled “Myths and Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines,” the CDC states that the “genetic material delivered by mRNA vaccines never enters the nucleus of your cells.”

“However, the researchers at Lund University in Malmö, Sweden, found that the mRNA vaccine enters human liver cells and triggers the cell’s DNA in the nucleus to increase the production of the LINE-1 gene expression to make mRNA,” the report from WND said.

“The whole process occurred rapidly, within six hours, concluded the study, which was published by the university’s Department of Clinical Sciences,” the report continued. “Pfizer did not comment on the study’s findings, the Epoch Times reported, stating only that its mRNA vaccine does not alter the human genome.”

“Earlier this month, as WND reported, a peer-reviewed study published in the prestigious journal Cell by researchers at Stanford University found that the spike protein created by the COVID vaccines remains in the body much longer than believed and at levels higher than those of severely ill COVID-19 patients,” WND went on to say in the piece.

The researchers from Stanford conducted tests concerning the duration of the protein in the body for a total period of 60 days and discovered that it lasted at least that long.

Dr. Robert Malone, one of the major key inventors of the mRNA technology used in the vaccines created by both Moderna and Pfizer has described the implications of the Stanford study as being a potential “health public policy nightmare,” in an analysis on his Substack page.

The Swedish researchers in the latest study have also come to the conclusion that the spike proteins that are expressed on the surface of the liver cells through the COVID vaccine might target the immune system and could potentially cause autoimmune hepatitis. They then pointed out, “case reports on individuals who developed autoimmune hepatitis” after getting the Pfizer shot.

“The authors of the study cited the case of a healthy 35-year-old female who developed autoimmune hepatitis a week after her first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. The researchers said there is a possibility that ‘spike-directed antibodies induced by vaccination may also trigger autoimmune conditions in predisposed individuals,'” WND reported.

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  1. Wow, this latest study in Sweden validates all of the warnings that we have been receiving from the real doctors who understand what is happening.
    These findings imply that there could really be multiple future disasters due to long-term effects.
    God help us.


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