Senator Drops Bombshell: ‘Grifter’ Hunter Biden Still Ripping Off Taxpayers

(Rallying Patriots) – The left loved complaining about how much taxpayers were paying for President Trump to go golfing and completely ignored the fact that month after month Trump donated his salary to one organization or another.

Now, there’s not even so much as a peep out of them when the Secret Service is spending $30,000 a month on a Malibu mansion for the sake of Joe Biden’s crackhead son Hunter Biden.

No one on the left has anything to say about Hunter Biden’s wife, Melissa Cohen, taking a trip to Rio de Janeiro last month where she was photographed frolicking on the beach with a Secret Service escort consisting of six SUVs, six Secret Service agents and seven Brazilian federal officers.

Where is the outrage?

It certainly doesn’t exist on the left. The only people who seem to be concerned about this outrageous spending of tax dollars are Senators Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Charles Grassley (R-IA).

The two Senators have been diligently investigating the national security implications of the Biden family’s business deals with the Chinese Communist Party, Russian oligarchs, corrupt Ukrainian companies and many others around the world who have sought and could currently be seeking access to the White House.

“You would think with all the news coming out about how Hunter Biden peddled influence and profited off his father’s position and family name, he might try to keep a low profile and conduct himself in a way that limits taxpayer expenses because of his lifestyle,” Johnson told

“But you would be wrong. Malibu and Ipanema Beach in Rio are nice places for grifters like Hunter, but very expensive for his security detail,” he said.

The Senators’ investigation is going on at the same time as a supposed Justice Department criminal probe into alleged tax fraud, money laundering and illegal lobbying by Hunter Biden.

Meanwhile, Hunter is renting a $20,000 per month, 3,000-square-foot, four-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Malibu complete with an art studio and 180-degree ocean views.

Who is paying for that? What does Hunter Biden do for a living exactly? How can we forget, of course, that he’s an “artist” but even with his artwork/money laundering scheme, $20,000 a month for rent is an awful lot.

On top of Hunter spending $20,000 a month to rent this house in Malibu, ABC reported last week that the Secret Service is spending $30,000 per month to rent a Spanish-style sea view villa next door to Hunter. The Secret Service’s pad has six bedrooms, a pool, tasting room, gym, spa, built-in BBQ and a “castle-like tower.” The home’s value is estimated at $6.2 million.

Hunter Biden is part of the Biden regime and they are untouchable, at least for now. It seems like there is nothing that can bring them down. It doesn’t matter how much they’ve made off of foreign governments looking to interfere with US politics. Democrats will continue to protect this fraudulent regime no matter what.

Had one of President Trump’s children behaved like Hunter Biden, they would have been crucified by the left. Democrats in Congress would have stopped at nothing to throw them in jail and would have most certainly used it as yet another opportunity to impeach President Trump.

The entire federal government is a joke right now.

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  1. It will continue to BE a joke as long as the Biden crime family–complete with UNELECTED senile sock puppet is in the White House, Heels Up Harris is our (incompetent) ALSO unelected VP, and the conniving, America-hating Demmunists are in control of Congress. And not a very FUNNY joke, at that, since they are doing their best to WEAKEN and DESTROY our country!


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