Schwarzenegger Gives Jaw-Dropping Gift To Homeless Vets

(Rallying Patriots) – California has a serious homelessness problem that state leaders don’t seem to care to address. Fortunately, it looks like perhaps that might be changing. In the spirit of giving over the Christmas holiday, actor and former Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gifted some homeless veterans with a gift that is sure to change their lives.

According to a report by KTTV-TV, Schwarzenegger donated $250,000 to a Los Angeles nonprofit called Village for Vets. The organization provides “tiny homes” to US veterans who are homeless.

It’s quite an upgrade from living on the streets in a tent.

With the donation from the former governor, Village for Vets was able to purchase 25 new tiny homes for vets in the Los Angeles area.

“I am ecstatic,” Schwarzenegger said. “I’m really ecstatic, I’m so excited. To me, this is the greatest Christmas gift.”

Just before Christmas, the veterans who will receive the tiny homes expressed their gratitude for his donation.

“It’s been a life-saver for me,” veteran Bruce Henry Cooper said. “He has not forgotten us. Not forgotten anybody.”

Many of these veterans had been living in tents on the Veterans Affairs property in West Los Angeles and they said the difference between the tiny home and the tent is massive.

Veteran Ferris Kearns had been living on the streets for months and says the biggest difference between the tiny home and the tent is that there are “no squirrels and no rats.”

Rob Reynolds, an employee of the nonprofit organization American Veterans, also stressed the importance of the tiny homes for vets.

“They have electricity, they have heating and air conditioning, helps bring a little bit of pride back,” Reynolds said.

Ironically, during KTTV’s interview with Schwarzenegger and their tour of the tiny homes property, it rained steadily highlighting just how important these homes will be for the vets.

“It proves the point they are going through, not just sunshine and wonderful weather,” Schwarzenegger said.

His son Patrick Schwarzenegger also attended the tour of the facilities and talked about the importance of taking care of our vets who have previously served our country.

“We owe everything to our veterans. You know, they’ve sacrificed their lives, their family… for us and our freedom,” Patrick Schwarzenegger said.

“It’s the holidays, anything we can do to make other people’s week a little better and happier — it’s all good.”

KTTV reported that after current Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a government expansion of the tiny home project in November, Schwarzenegger was inspired to make his donation to help the project be even more impactful.

Even though Schwarzenegger has acted more like a radical leftist than a Republican in recent years, it’s good to see both sides of the aisle coming together to help out those who truly deserve it like America’s heroes.

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