REVEALED: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Shares HEARTBREAKING Text About J6 Political Prisoners

(Rallying Patriots) – The Jan. 6 so-called insurrection was a scam. It was a totally orchestrated event that was put on by the FBI, the Capitol Police and the Deep State. The sole purpose of this exercise was to demonize President Trump and stop his supporters dead in their tracks.

They needed to shut down Americans who knew the election was stolen in time for Joe Biden’s fraudulent, military inauguration and that’s exactly what they did on Jan. 6.

After the rigged election of 2020, Democrats publicly and shamelessly began discussing ways in which to deal with Trump supporters including “re-education.” Now that seems to be exactly what is going on at the DC federal prison that houses dozens of Biden regime political prisoners.

Last week, House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene shared with the world the harrowing and illegal conditions under which the Jan. 6 prisoners are being forced to live all for the crime of being present at the Capitol on Jan. 6 when the Deep State carried out their sham insurrection.

She said the prisoners have “virtually no medical care, very poor food quality, and [are] being put through re-education which most of them are rejecting,” save a few who have broke down in front of judges to say they regret ever supporting President Trump.

Greene has aptly compared the treatment of these prisoners to that of terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. The radical left wants to make domestic terrorists out of anyone who dares to support President Trump which is an ambitious goal since the majority of Americans seem to.

Sunday, Greene shared yet more disturbing news in regards to these imprisoned patriots via a text on Instagram (screen shot here) from an unidentified source discussing their mistreatment.

These political prisoners are being locked away for 23 hours a day and being mentally, emotionally, and psychologically abused and tortured. Many still have no trial dates set yet.

Why is this being allowed to go on? This is absolutely absurd and should never happen in the United States of America. These Americans did not attempt any “insurrection” on the US government and even if they had, Joe Biden is not the legitimate president.

America was built on revolution. We have the Second Amendment for this very reason. Americans should not be made into political prisoners for any reason but especially not for their politics.

How far we have fallen.

One of the biggest problems for the Jan. 6 prisoners is the fact that the DC gulag is being run by an open Trump hater, Deputy Warden Kathleen Landerkin.

Greene has called for Landerkin to be fired in light of the fact that she has an obvious anti-conservative bias and is directly linked to the mistreatment and abuse of the Jan. 6 prisoners, who’s constitutional rights are being violated daily.

Nancy Pelosi claims to care so much about the US Constitution yet she is doing absolutely nothing to ensure these prisoners’ rights are being upheld.

The entire thing is a partisan sham and it’s time for something to be done about it.

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  1. I agree 100%

    I agree that it was 100% a sham that they instigated to cover their betrayal of our country. I am just perplexed that nothing is being done to repair the damage that has been done. There has been no repercussion for their falsifying of information and they continue to put out incorrect information without any actions being taken. I feel these are acts of betrayal to our country and why must we sit back and just let them continue down their dangerous road without any steps being taken to correct the wrongs they have bestowed on the American people?



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