Republicans Want Answers Regarding Ongoing National Guard Presence In DC… But Pelosi Isn’t Talking

(Rallying Patriots) – After the supposed “insurrection” attempt on the US Capitol that took place Jan. 6, Democrats have been milking this cow for everything they can get out of it.

They accused President Trump of “inciting” the violent riot and have used the incident as a springboard to claim that all Trump supporters are dangerous political extremists and domestic terrorists who need to be “re-educated.”

The inauguration of Joe Biden was attended almost solely by around 25,000 National Guard troops after a giant fence had been erected around the Capitol grounds to keep American citizens out.

It sure seems as though the Democrats are going to great lengths to protect the stolen election and the fraudulent, usurper president.

Despite the fact that Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) had prior knowledge of the Capitol attack, the Democrats are acting as though angry, Trump supporting-militants are going to come storming DC at any moment.

First the National Guard was to be stationed in the capital for a month or two, then until May, and now it may be the fall before these service men and women are sent home. You really have to ask why are the Democrats keepings tens of thousands of National Guard troops around Washington DC?

Of course, the Democrats aren’t being straightforward about this, not even to fellow members of Congress.

Freshman Congresswoman Lisa McClain (R-MI) spoke with “Fox & Friends” co-host Pete Hegseth about the perplexing ongoing military presence in DC and the total absence of information from the Democrats.

McClain told Hegseth she’s getting more information from the media than she is from Dems. She asserted that Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi has provided zero details on the extended deployment and hasn’t even scheduled a briefing with lawmakers on the situation.

Keep in mind, the National Guard’s presence in Washington is costly and it isn’t Pelosi and company paying for it. It’s US taxpayers footing the bill and the longer they stay, the more exorbitant the cost is going to be.

“Just tell me why,” Rep. McClain implored. “We have received zero information…It sure does seem like it’s a lot of symbolism over substance, doesn’t it?”

It sure does. Clearly the Democrats are still using the Capitol riot as a means to demonize political opponents and behave as if Trump supporters pose some kind of threat to their safety.

McClain went on to say that she finds it “amazing” that Pelosi “can do this without any disclosure, without any information, and just continue to spend money with no briefing,” adding that it doesn’t make sense to her.

It doesn’t make sense to anyone with a functioning brain. Apparently, Nancy Pelosi has unlimited spending power of US tax dollars.

Our tax dollars are literally being used to protect Biden’s fraudulent regime with tens of thousands of military troops as Democrats continue to exploit the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Democrats have been completely opposed to deploying the National Guard during the violent riots of 2020, and even the ones continuing in cities like Seattle and Portland, and they are vehemently against President Trump’s border wall.

Yet, they have had no problem bringing in tens of thousands of troops to the DC where there does not seem to be any kind of ongoing threat and have even erected a massive fence around the Capitol complete with barbed-wire.

If Democrats are good at anything, it’s being total and complete hypocrites.

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