Report: Illegal Mexican Alien Wanted For Raping Two Little Girls Killed By Texas Cop

(Rallying Patriots) – An illegal alien hailing from Mexico who was wanted in the rape of two young girls has been killed by a Texas police officer after he pulled a weapon during a traffic stop.

The suspect had been previously deported from the U.S. following similar charges, according to authorities.

Juan Jimenez-Sala, 46, was wanted on 11 felony counts in Arkansas when he fled the state to nearby Texas, where he was shot and killed in Arlington, Texas this week as FOX 4 of Dallas-Fort Worth reported.

The suspect had been accused of repeatedly sexually abusing two young girls, both under the age of 10. The victims were the daughters of his Arkansas girlfriend.

“Approximately 20 years ago, he was arrested on felony charges similar to that on what we have on him in this case now,” Capt. Scott Harwell of the El Dorado Police Department in Arkansas told FOX 4. “And he was deported back to Mexico.”

Harwell explained that it is not clear when Jimenez-Salas returned to the U.S. or what he was doing in Arlington.

He is wanted on five felony counts of rape and six felony counts of indecency.

The alien has been on the run since November, when the victims’ North Texas-based father told police that he believed that Jimenez-Salas had been raping his daughters.

The children had reportedly told their father that the suspect raped them in a McKinney, Texas hotel room when they were traveling with her mother as Harwell told FOX 4.

On Thursday of this week, Jimenez-Salas was traced to North Texas by a U.S. Marshal’s Office task force.

Local police in Arlington spotted the suspect’s vehicle and pulled him over for a traffic violation. This was when he pulled out a gun and pointed it at a local police officer who had been working with the Marshals.

He was shot dead and killed.

The two victims in this horrific case are reported to be safely with their father in Texas.

Where their mother is appears to be unknown, but authorities told FOX 4 that she was notified that the man accused of committing the most unthinkable act imaginable on her young daughters had been shot and killed.

If this man is indeed guilty of that which he was accused, then there is no death too cruel that would be enough to satisfy his victims’ need for justice.

This monster is just one example of the millions of individuals who enter our country illegally and maintain no regard for our laws or way of life.

How many more are fleeing charges in their own country to seek refuge and offend again here, where they know they’ll be treated like martyrs by the political party currently in charge of the federal government?

The Biden administration has a grievous moral weight to bear for enabling potentially tens of thousands of violent and perverted criminals to enter into our country unchecked.

This case is exactly why 75+ million Americans voted for Donald Trump.

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  1. Our Whitehouse has been holding over 2000 children before President Trump took office & they were bussed out of the Whitehouse(2 to 3 thousand of them right before Trump took office-General Flynn has info about this & more before they arrested him to keep him quite.


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