Rep. McCall Says By Summer We Will See “Around One Million” Illegal Aliens Cross Border In Biden’s “Humanitarian Crisis”

(Rallying Patriots) – As the absolutely disastrous border crisis rages on thanks to the dangerous and destructive policies of President Joe Biden, one congressman is warning that we could see staggering numbers of illegal aliens flood across our border in the months to come.

This is absolutely chilling.

When he entered office, Biden set about throwing the proverbial doors of our nation’s sovereign border wide open to the criminal drug and human trafficking cartels who shuttle tens of thousands of aliens across the border each month.

He ordered a 100-day moratorium on deportations while completely gutting the operations of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

What’s more, as the massive influx of aliens has crossed into the U.S. interior, it’s become apparent that they aren’t even being tested for COVID-19.

President Joe Biden ran on a promise to eradicate the coronavirus almost entirely from our nation (as if that’s even possible) and yet his administration is letting tens of thousands of illegal aliens cross our border illegally and remain in the U.S. once they’re released by federal border enforcement agents who are testing positive for COVID before traveling deeper into the interior of the nation.

It’s like they’re trying to prove President Donald Trump right about the reckless abandon of the Democrat’s plan to utterly destroy our nation.

Speaking to Fox News Channel’s “The Story” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) warned Americans that as the summer approaches, the numbers of illegal aliens entering our nation will be staggering.

McCaul told us to expect “probably somewhere around a million people trying to get into this country illegally.”

He explained that the language of the Biden administration—that they want a “humane” approach—appears to be entirely ironic considering how his policy is playing out.

The administration has been pressed on the rising crisis at the border yet continues to evade directly admitting the situation has spiraled out of control.

This isn’t “humane,” McCaul said.

It’s a humanitarian crisis.

“President Biden says he wants us to be humane. He’s actually created a humanitarian crisis. These poor children, they get trafficked all the way up that dangerous route,” he explained.

“And now, we don’t have enough detention space to put them in, and then you’ve got the COVID crisis down there as well. I think they have created this Biden border crisis. They need to fix it,” he continued.

It’s hard to believe this is anything but intentional—the same people who managed to get Biden installed into office are really too dumb to know what’s going to happen when you pause deportations and fail to test aliens for COVID?


“I think it’s not only a threat to these children who are being exploited, but — and they know the laws in our country. But it’s also a threat to Americans, this population coming in,” the congressman continued.

“Biden has cut off these agreements with Mexico, Central America, where they’d have to stay in Mexico to apply for asylum. And now, they’re — I’ve seen this before, Martha, and I predict this, by summer, you’re going to see, as my governor just said, probably somewhere around a million people trying to get into this country illegally. And as I’ve said before, it’s ironic that you can get into this country illegally easier than you can get a tour of this Capitol right behind me.”

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