Rep. Liz Cheney Continues Her Assault On President Trump And Republican Voters

(Rallying Patriots) – Apparently, some members of Congress are just blissfully ignorant of the role they have been elected to fill. As an elected member of Congress they’re number one responsibility is to represent the will of the people who elected them.

Liz Cheney (R-WY) does not seem to care at all, even in the slightest, what her constituents back in Wyoming want, feel, or think.

She is not their representative. She represents only herself.

Cheney has once again gone rogue and made an embarrassment of herself and the Republican Party who needs to focus on being united against Joe Biden and the radical left.

Earlier this month, the Republican House members voted in a shocking 145 to 61 vote to keep Trump-hating Cheney in her leadership role despite the overwhelming majority of Republican voters’ continued support of President Trump.

Now she continues to prove exactly why she should have been reprimanded instead of supported by her GOP colleagues.

Cheney, who seems to think that the very people who elected her are violent white supremacists, made it clear, once again, that she does not think Trump should play a role in the party’s future.

If she can’t accept that Trump isn’t going anywhere why doesn’t she just do everyone, including herself, a favor and resign? The GOP isn’t going back to the days of the establishment RINO neocons. She has to let go of this delusional dream.

On Wednesday, she stated at the end of a press conference with GOP House leaders that Trump “should not play a role in the party.”

She said this despite the fact that currently she sits at an abysmal 13% approval rating among her Wyoming constituents while they give Trump a 91% approval rating.

She made this remark in front of Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise who both supported her continued leadership within the party to their shame.

Thanks to her constant Trump-bashing, Cheney’s constituents are clearly not very fond of her and on Tuesday she made it clear that she doesn’t think much of them either.

While speaking at a Reagan Institute event, she spewed leftist talking points, slamming Republican voters, saying that we need to “make it clear that we aren’t the party of white supremacy.”

As the Gateway Pundit pointed out, Cheney has “clearly picked up the Democrat talking point that everyone on the right is an ‘evil racist’ for not pandering to the left’s nonsense.”

On Tuesday she further drove home her belief that Trump incited the supposed “insurrection” and said that the entire event “cannot be minimized.”

She asserted that “we will make our party worthy once again of the mantle of Lincoln and Reagan,” but failed to explain exactly how she intends to do that considering her pathetic approval rating and the fact that her constituents want her gone.

Only 10 percent of Republican primary voters and 13 percent of general election voters have indicated that they will vote to reelect her. Cheney is on the way out. If anyone “should not have a role in the party” it seems to be Cheney.

Fortunately, Cheney has a formidable opponent in state Senator Anthony Bouchard who is challenging her in the 2022 primary. While Cheney is a legacy neocon and grew up in wealth and privilege, Bouchard comes from a blue-collar family and is the founder of the Wyoming Gun Owners, a Second Amendment rights organization.

“Wyoming taxpayers need a voice in Congress who will stand up to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, and not give them cover. That’s why I’m running for Congress,” Bouchard said in a statement.

It’s time for Liz Cheney to face the reality that the GOP is the America First party and Donald Trump is the leader and there’s nothing she can say or do to change that.

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