Rep. Jim Jordan Predicts Republicans Will Take The House In 18 Months And Says This About President Trump

(Rallying Patriots) – Joe Biden and his fraudulent regime have done absolutely nothing good for America. Not home and certainly not abroad.

President Trump aimed to put America first, which made America better and stronger, but anti-American, radical left fought vehemently against that agenda.

Now, Biden has usurped the White House and is displaying weakness and American-deprecation unlike anything we’ve seen in US history. The radical left is finally getting their way and things are getting ugly for America.

We certainly aren’t shocked by this development and you shouldn’t be either. The good news, however, is that in 2022, Republicans will surely take back Congress and President Trump will likely run again and win.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) seems to believe this is the case and explained this to Newsmax host Greg Kelly on Monday night.

Jordan appeared on Kelly’s show to discuss the ongoing radical and anti-Semitic attacks and rhetoric by Democrat “Squad” members in the House which seems to be leading to Islamist extremism in other facets of society.

Kelly pointed to a speech given by a 25-year-old Muslim woman in Fairfax County, Virginia, to a class of graduating high school seniors in which she encouraged them to wage jihad.

He noted that there was barely any pushback on this at all and asked Jordan, “the culture seems to be coming off the tracks a little bit. And, I know you’re passionate. Do you feel like we’re going to get this country back?”

Jordan responded enthusiastically, saying, “Oh yeah. We’re going to take back the House in 18 months. I really believe that’s going to happen. I really believe President Trump is going to run for reelection in 2024. I think he’s going to be the next president of the United States.”

President Trump, for the record, is the current elected President of the United States but thanks to Democrat fraud and corruption, Joe Biden sits at the usurper in the White House.

Jordan went on to explain that Biden and his administration will have nothing positive to say for themselves in 2022 or in 2024.

“I think when you look at the Biden administration, they don’t have … what are they gonna talk about? The crisis on the border? The fact that inflation is driving up the price of everything? Energy prices, the price of steel, lumber, aluminum, any supply, anything you buy at the grocery store, the price is gonna go up.”

“They gonna talk about the tax increases that are coming? What have they got to talk about?”

Democrats have nothing to boast about to Americans. They haven’t done a thing to make life for Americans better. They haven’t even been willing to ease up on the COVID narrative, especially in light of Dr. Fauci being proven to be a fraud and a charlatan.

They’ve done nothing. Jordan points out that all they have is their false Jan. 6 narrative and lockdown measures that they’re desperately holding onto “because they’ve got nothing else.”

“This has been the worst 5 month start to an administration, probably, not probably, definitely in our lifetime.”

He further contrasted the successes of the Trump administration with the abysmal failures of the Biden regime, pointing out that “We went from a secure border to chaos, we went from energy independence to gas lines, we went from peace in the Middle East to thousands of rockets being fired on our friend and ally Israel, and then like I said, tax increases are coming, and no employer can find employees today.”

He asserted that “we’re gonna take it back,” adding, “We’ve got to hold them off for now, win back the house, win back the White House and put things back in order.”

It really won’t be hard for Republicans to win in 2022 after the horrible job Biden and his regime have been doing at the helm. It’s become so blatantly obvious that the Biden administration is only concerned with control and are enacting the most anti-American agenda ever seen.

Jordan also pointed out that Biden is “projecting weakness from the Oval Office” and there are serious consequences that come with that, such as we saw during the Obama administration. World leaders take advantage of a weak America while terrorists have no fear in targeting us.

We can only hope that Republicans can hold the radical left off enough until 2022 that there is still an America left to save.

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  1. If The Arizona Audit Goes Pretty Much Like We Know It Will Go , Mr. President Trump Can Do What He Does Best , Go Tell DILDO Joe And Camel Toe Whoris , YOUR FIRED !!!


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