RED ALERT: SCOTUS Justices Give Key Signals On How They Will Rule On Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

(Rallying Patriots) – The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Friday in regards to the Biden regime’s illegal vaccine mandates and it looks like good news for those of us who are opposed to the federal government forcing Americans to get injected with an experimental “vaccine.”

However, that being said, the court seems to be of the view that vaccine mandates are not necessarily unconstitutional and the conservative justices seemed to be open to the argument that individual states have the authority to issue vaccine mandates.

When it comes to the federal government, the SCOTUS appeared to be largely opposed to the mandates with Chief Justice John Roberts saying that the Biden regime was trying to “cover the waterfront” with the mandates and that it should be something Congress decides rather than something the executive branch dictates.

“This has been referred to … as a workaround,” Roberts said. “This is something that the federal government has never done before.”

He added that the coronavirus pandemic “sounds like the sort of thing that states will be responding to or should be and that Congress should be responding to … rather than agency by agency the federal government, the executive branch acting alone.”

Justice Neil Gorsuch added that health regulations have historically been left to individual states rather than the federal government.

“Why isn’t this a major question that therefore belongs to the people’s representatives of the states and in the halls of Congress?” Gorsuch asked.

We all know that the Biden regime didn’t go through Congress because the mandates are, in fact, workarounds. Biden would never have the support he would need to enact them via legislation so he used executive power instead, though the Constitution does not support his actions.

The checks and balances exist for this very reason but Biden has abused the executive power card unlike any other president before him.

However, the checks and balances installed by our Founding Fathers are exactly why Justices Gorsuch and Roberts are skeptical about the vaccine mandates.

Meanwhile, some of the other justices did attempt to argue that the federal government does have the power to issue sweeping vaccine mandates but, again, their opinions are not supported by the US Constitution.

Justice Elena Kagan argued that the vaccine mandates should be allowed because “this is a pandemic in which nearly a million people have died. It is by far the greatest public health danger that this country has faced in the last century. More and more people are dying every day. More and more people are getting sick every day.”

So, just because Kagan and others genuinely believe we are in the midst of a “pandemic” the executive branch should be granted unilateral power? The reality is that the “pandemic” really isn’t much of a pandemic at all.

Yes, people have died but where was all the panic, fear and outrage when elderly and immunocompromised individuals died every year of the seasonal flu before COVID came along?

The COVID-19 virus has a 99% or greater survival rate for healthy individuals. Healthy people are not contracting COVID and dying. It’s just simply not happening, no matter how badly radical leftists want the pandemic to be legitimate.

What is happening, however, is that vaccinated people are continuing to get and spread around COVID (and being hospitalized from it and they are even continuing to die even though they are fully vaccinated and boosted).

There is no indication whatsoever that a sweeping federal vaccine mandate would end the so-called pandemic even if it were permitted by the Constitution. The arguments made by Justice Kagan and company are, therefore, null and void.

Kagan and Justice Sotomayor, who claimed that there are 100,000 kids in hospitals because of COVID, are peddling misinformation and propaganda, intentional or not, and their assertions can be easily debunked and disproven.

Sadly, there is no clear indication that the SCOTUS will shoot down the Biden regime’s illegal mandates but it does appear there is hope that the conservatives on the panel believe in medical freedom.

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