RED ALERT: Biden Is Recklessly Giving Ukraine Weapons That Could Start WW3

(Rallying Patriots) – Despite the fact that the Russia-Ukraine conflict isn’t all that it seems to be, the US has been supplying Ukraine with billions of dollars in aid and weapons. As if things right here in the US are all peachy-keen, the Biden regime is putting Americans further in debt and making an absolute fiscal mess.

Making matters even more concerning is the fact that the latest round of weapons to Ukraine could actually make the situation much, much worse.

On May 31, Joe Biden spoke to Americans via an Op-Ed for the New York Times. He explained that the US will now be sending advanced rocket systems and munitions to Ukraine.

This is all part of the broader $700 million weapons package for Ukraine which, in addition to the rocket systems, includes sending Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, radars, unmanned aerial vehicles, MI-17 helicopters and ammunition.

So much for weapons to help Ukraine defend themselves. These weapons will give the country the capability to reach into Russian territory. I think we all need to be asking ourselves, who’s really at war with Russia?

With these weapons, Ukraine will be able to go above and beyond simply defending themselves from Russian aggression. They’ll be outfitted to broaden the conflict entirely.

“We don’t have an interest in the conflict in Ukraine widening to a broader conflict or evolving into World War Three. So we’ve been mindful of that,” said Colin Kahl, the defense undersecretary for policy, according to the Associated Press. “But at the same time, Russia doesn’t get a veto over what we send to the Ukrainians.”

As with most things, Biden flip-flopped on the issue this week. On May 30, he asserted that the US would not be sending rocket systems that could reach into Russia, according to Reuters.

Then the regime abruptly reversed course and declared that they would, in fact, be sending rocket systems with such capabilities.

The Times reported, however, that a senior regime official said they only agreed to send the more advanced, long-range rockets after Ukraine leaders promised they wouldn’t use them against targets within Russian territory.

Well, as long as they promised. What could possibly go wrong?

Biden naively asserted in his Op-Ed that these rockets are just meant to help Ukraine defend itself on the battlefield. (Yeah, right.)

“That’s why I’ve decided that we will provide the Ukrainians with more advanced rocket systems and munitions that will enable them to more precisely strike key targets on the battlefield in Ukraine,” Biden wrote.

This seems like a pretty dangerous game to be playing. It’s bad enough that the US just couldn’t resist not getting involved but now we’re equipping Ukraine with weapons that could reach into Russia and we’re expecting Russia to just be OK with this?

Not only could this lead to a longer, more violent war between the two countries, Russia just might decide to make the US pay for our involvement in supplying Ukraine with the ability to escalate the conflict.

But Ukraine swore they wouldn’t do that. Guess that’s supposed to be good enough!?

As if Ukraine has been totally honest about the entire situation to begin with. There are clearly things going on that the media won’t report on, that the Biden regime isn’t admitting, and that are being purposefully hid from the American people.

Giving Ukraine the ability to attack Russian targets in Russian territory sure sounds like a recipe for World War III. Apparently, the only thing standing in the way is a “promise” to the US.

It’s almost as if the Biden regime wants Ukraine to escalate the conflict and that’s why they agreed to send them weapons that can do just that.

Let’s be honest. Ukraine is probably going to use the rockets to strike Russian territory and when they do, Russia is going to turn their attention to the US and things are going to get ugly, fast.

Just another crisis brought to the US courtesy of the Biden regime.

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  1. Well, yaknow, he really has no choice. Ukraine expects those weapons in return for all the money they kicked back to Biden and various Congress swamp creatures from the BILLIONS they have voted to send to Ukraine! Do they think we are STUPID that we don’t know how this shell game works? Corrupt members of Congress have been getting rich off this kind of shell game for years!


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