BREAKING: Radio Host Says “Racists” Should Have Bank Accounts, Citizenship Stripped

(Rallying Patriots) – Radio host Mike Graham has made a call for “racists” to be stripped of their bank accounts, their passports, and other necessities of life, which is hilariously ironic given the fact that he himself has been denounced as a racist on numerous occasions.

According to Infowars, Graham was issuing a response to a controversy that started in the United Kingdom involving racist social media posts that target black football players in England, despite the evidence that suggests the vast majority of the messages were actually sent by folks living in India and other South Asian and Middle Eastern nations.

“I’ve got a plan, the time has come to not only find these people, not only to prosecute them for their lawless behavior, but also basically to excommunicate them from our society,” Graham stated.

“So forget about locking them up, forget about throwing away the key, forget about banning them from football stadiums – I’ve got a better idea, instead, let’s make it impossible for them to actually have a life – no bank account, no ability to travel, no passport, no benefits, nothing,” he continued.

“Forget kick it out, let’s kick them out, we don’t need them, Britain doesn’t need them, adios amigos,” Graham added.

So according to Graham, we should be treating racists worse than convicted violent offenders and more or less consider them terrorists who have their citizenship stripped and become stateless.

The thing is, of course, who gets to decide who is a racist and what sort of criteria will they use to make such a determination? Is disagreeing with taking a knee during the national anthem cause for being labeled a racist? Should a person be treated like a member of the Taliban if they are not in agreement with Black Lives Matter?

It seems that Graham hasn’t really applied basic logic when thinking through this ridiculously idiotic plan. Otherwise, he’d surely see how foolish it is, right?

“In the mind of the caller, that was racist and under his own “plan” for ending racism Graham should have his bank account and passport seized,” Infowars says.

Just last year, Graham was accused of “anti-Irish racism” after he took to Twitter user John O’Connell a “Paddy” several different times.

“Mr. Graham has not only weaponized child sex abuse in pursuit of a petty social media dispute, but he has distributed a racist trope in which, on the basis of his victim’s perceived nationality he has abused his intelligence in a public forum,” Call It Out, an anti-racism organization, went on to say about Graham.

This guy is a joke. A complete and total joke. Not to mention a raging hypocrite. If he were to put his plan into action, he would actually fall under the category of a racist and lose his citizenship.

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