PURGE: Army Suspends Retired Three-Star General’s Contract For His Criticism Of Jill Biden

(Rallying Patriots) – Retired Lt. Gen. Gary Volesky, who was a former top spokesman for the Army, has been suspended from his contract and is now being investigated due to a tweet he posted mocking first lady Jill Biden.

Because, as you well know, you cannot be in the government and insult “dear leader” or his family. Free speech is frowned upon in the modern world of liberal cancel culture. Shame on Volesky for forgetting his place and daring to express himself politically, out of lockstep, with acceptable dogma.

According to The Western Journal, Jill Biden had posted that women’s rights had been stripped from them due to the recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade and determined that there is no constitutional right to murder pre-born children in the womb.

Where women keep getting the idea they have the right to end someone else’s life, simply because it is growing in their body is beyond me.

“For nearly 50 years, women have had the right to make our own decisions about our bodies. Today, that right was stolen from us,” Biden posted in a tweet on June 24.

Volesky soon responded to the tweet by saying, “Glad to see you finally know what a woman is,” according to a report from Axios.

The tweet has since been deleted.

Again, we can’t have someone working for the government that is not in complete lockstep with accepted and approved leftist “religious” dogma. Those that stray from the path must be excommunicated.

You know, for people who claim to hate religion so much, their whole movement sure is built like one.

“The three-star general was referring to an exchange between Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn and Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson during Jackson’s confirmation hearings,” the Western Journal reported.

“Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” Blackburn had asked Brown.

Jackson then stated that she could not provide a definition for the term. It’s not that she couldn’t define a woman. It’s that she wouldn’t give a definition, because to do so would be political suicide. Obviously, she wanted to ensure she did not say or do anything wrong to make her handlers upset with her because she really, really wanted a seat on the bench.

“Not in this context. I’m not a biologist,” Brown replied.

“Volesky, who was previously in charge of the Army’s 101st Airborne Division, was suspended by Lt. Gen. Theodore Martin, commander of the Combined Arms Center,” the report continued.

Despite being retired, Volesky had a contract to advise active-duty officers as a senior mentor. USA Today is reporting that his reply to Biden’s tweet is being considered a breach of decorum.

It’s important to note that Volesky is not the kind of person who typically shies away from the political realm, as is evidenced from his past.

“When Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming announced that she would be on the Jan. 6 House committee and that her ‘oath to the Constitution must be above partisan politics,’ Volensky commented on the situation,” the Western Journal report said.

“This is all about partisan politics,” he stated in a tweet.

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  1. The Left hate to be corrected. They cannot accept conservatives and Republicans rising above them.
    Lt Gen. Gary Volsky certainly delivered a kick in the teeth when he pointed something as plain as the nose on the face – of a democrat.
    With General’s service to the nation compared to what Biden is doing to the country …..
    Ever heard the saying ‘not fit to shine the boots’ ….

  2. Jill Biden is nothing more than a two bit WHORE.. The General was right for calling her out. It’s time to rid of the Biden’s and their administration by any legal means necessary.

    • If legal doesn’t work then force is necessary and not the dog show from January 6th, need it done like Bagdad find BIDEN in a hole and HANG HIM

  3. If legal doesn’t work then force is necessary and not the dog show from January 6th, need it done like Bagdad find BIDEN in a hole and HANG HIM

  4. When is murder ok? For 50 years women have been getting away with it and we wonder why this country is where it is right now. When the safest place should be a mothers womb it is turned into a place of death and with tha innocent blood being spilt how can ones mind justify that and live a normal life???? Sick and sad when murder is acceptable by so many.

  5. PURGE: Army suspends retired three-star General’s contract for his criticism of the First Birthing Person -Jill Biden. Two quotes come to mind!

    “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed, they must rely exclusively on force.”—George Orwell”

    “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”—Harry S. Truman


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