Project Veritas Exclusive: DHS Insider Leaks “Significant Event Report” Showing Suspected Terrorist Being Tracked, Arrested On US-Mexico Border

(Rallying Patriots) – Project Veritas may just be one of the only investigative organizations fighting for the American people and truth.

The organization just recently exposed how CNN knowingly pushes propaganda and fake news with the purpose of manipulating Americans. That’s probably why they aren’t vehemently calling out the Biden regime over the border crisis.

A crisis it is, indeed.

Not only are unprecedented waves of illegal aliens flooding across our southern border but terrorists are using the Biden administration’s weak stance on immigration as an opportunity to infiltrate our country.

Project Veritas has now exposed this reality with indisputable proof. In the latest video released by PV, a suspected terrorist was tracked and later caught near the US-Mexico border.

This intel was leaked in a “Significant Event Report” by a Department of Homeland Security insider. The PV video shows documents that prove how the US government tracked the suspected Yemeni terrorist, Al-Bokari.

The DHS insider leaked internal documents before and after Al-Bokari’s arrest. The internal information shows that Al-Bokari and his associates traveled through Panama and were ultimately detained by Mexican authorities at the Mexicali airport on April 12.

According to the US government “Significant Event Report,” Al-Bokari was released by the Mexican government and was expected to travel to the US southern border. This comes after two other Yemeni nationals on the terrorism watch list were stopped at the US border.

It looks like Al-Bokari’s attempt to enter the US was successful. He was apprehended by US authorities in Calexico, California on April 13.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s complete and total disregard for America’s sovereignty and border security, dangerous terrorists like Al-Bokari are making their way to our southern border and why shouldn’t they?

This is the perfect opportunity for them to sneak into the country they wish to destroy.

Biden and his fraudulent regime are well aware of the dangers to national security that their lackadaisical immigration approach pose and have done nothing to address or remedy the overwhelming issues that have arisen since Biden usurped the presidency.

This could be the single biggest threat to the US right now and the Biden regime, including Harris who was appointed to oversee the border situation, are doing absolutely nothing except pretending it doesn’t exist.

Instead of actually caring about Americans Biden, Harris and the Democrats are busy patting themselves on the backs for being so “moral” and “compassionate.”

In reality, they’re actively working to bring about the demise of the United States of America and there’s really nothing any of us can do about it.

Biden and the Dems stole the White House and they did it for the purpose of destroying America.

Surely, no one really thought that the fraudulent and stolen election was going to lead to anything positive for America, right? That is no one besides willfully ignorant Biden voters who thought Joe Biden was actually going to be better for the US than Trump.

Guess they’re getting exactly what they voted for.

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