President Biden’s DOJ Would Have Arrested Chauvin If He Had Been Acquitted Of George Floyd’s Death

(Rallying Patriots) – Sources have come out and revealed that if Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin had been acquitted of the charges he faced in connection with the death of George Floyd, President Biden’s DOJ would have arrested him at the courthouse.

In other words, whether this man was found guilty or not by a jury of his peers, the federal government was going to intervene in order to make him an example. This goes to show you how little politicians today care for the Constitution.

According to WND, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that officials within the Justice Department had been secretly gathering up evidence against Chauvin for months to indict him on federal charges of police brutality over the death of Floyd.

However, the DOJ was scared that any sort of attention the investigation might draw could destroy the state’s case.

“According to the plan, the Minnesota U.S. Attorney General’s Office would have charged Chauvin by criminal complaint, which is ‘a quicker alternative for a federal charge that doesn’t require a grand jury,’ the Star Tribune said,” the report noted.

But the jury in the case did indeed find him guilty on all three counts of second degree intentional murder, third degree murder and manslaughter. However, prosecutors at the federal level could still indict Chauvin for civil rights violations.

This comes to light not many days after Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison stated during an interview on “60 Minutes” that prosecutors did not have any evidence that the death of George Floyd was racially motivated.

“We don’t have any evidence that Derek Chauvin factored in George Floyd’s race as he did what he did,” Ellison went on to say.

Also this week, Biden himself weighed in on the jury’s guilty verdict, stating that “systemic racism” is a stain on our nation’s soul.

The radical left in this country is doing their best to keep us divided along racial lines. And so far, the strategy seems to be working. A lot of folks in the Black Lives Matter movement are nothing more than political pawns who are being used to help push an agenda that will strip away their rights once again.

It seems that Chauvin’s fate was decided long before he’d ever get his days in court. We’re watching our own justice system completely and totally implode, right before our eyes.

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