‘President Biden Seems Confused’: Even A CNN Reporter Thinks Something’s Up After Joe Struggles Mid-Interview

(Rallying Patriots) – It looks like CNN can no longer run defense for Joe Biden. It isn’t clear what has caused some at CNN to openly question Biden’s mental decline after all this time but after Biden did an interview with ABC’s David Muir, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny is raising the red flag.

While CNN has spent the last couple of years acting as Biden’s personal press secretary it seems the network can no longer continue to pretend all is well. As hard as they’ve tried to look the other way and pretend Biden is as capable as he ever was, it’s just become downright silly and absurd.

Last week, during the sit-down interview with Muir, Biden appeared to be confused several times as he answered questions regarding COVID home test kits and the newly-approved Pfizer pills designed to reduce the seriousness of COVID symptoms and need for hospitalization.

After the two discussed the pills, Muir asked Biden about shortages of home test kits to which Biden responded, “I’ve ordered half a billion of the pills — 500 million pills, excuse me, 500 million test kits …”

OK, he misspoke, no big deal, he quickly corrected himself. But then, seconds later he referred to the test kits as pills again and it just seemed as though he had come to terms with his confusion. He didn’t even bother to correct himself this time.

“The answer is yeah, I wish I had thought about ordering a half a billion pills two months ago …”

His confusion during the interview got the attention of Zeleny who said to a CNN panel that Biden “seemed confused” during the interview. Zeleny also called Biden out for not “accepting any responsibility at all for this lack of testing.”

“Repeatedly throughout this interview with David Muir, which was recorded this afternoon [December 22], President Biden seems confused … and was confusing the half billion tests that they’ve ordered with the half billion pills,” Zeleny said.

“Of course, pills were in the news today,” Zeleny continued, “With the Pfizer approval of the anti-viral [drug], so he corrected himself, but that was one thing that struck out to me.”

Clearly Zeleny can no longer play along with the “everything is totally fine act.” He saw the confusion during the interview and is concerned about the administration’s lack of accountability, with Biden at the helm.

Muir did manage to ask Biden some pointed questions during this particular interview and while Biden has made some absurd gaffes and shown some serious confusion, this time he seemed to do fairly well.

That being said, it’s clear not all the tools are in Biden’s toolbox. What’s scary is to imagine Biden attempting to take the White House for another 4 years. He’d be almost 82-years-old come Election Day 2024 and his mental acuity certainly isn’t getting any better.

Biden used to be able to speak clearly and directly and with passion. Now, trying to watch him speak is like watching grass grow until, of course, he messes up and says something totally off the wall and injects a little unintentional entertainment into whatever he’s prattling on about.

Just take a look at this video of Biden confronting George Schultz in 1986 to see what we’re talking about:

Joe Biden is not fit for office which is totally ironic considering how many times the left hurled this accusation at President Trump during his tenure despite not ever even remotely showing the signs of mental decline that Biden has and continues to.

What will Biden do when CNN fully turns on him? It certainly is comical and absurd for them to continue pretending that everything is good and well.

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