Poll: Nearly Half Of President Trump Supporters Say They Will Not Take COVID Vaccine

(Rallying Patriots) – A large chunk of Americans have been skeptical of Big Pharma vaccines for years now and for good reason. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest today’s modern vaccines cause more harm than good.

Auto-immune disease and neurological disorder rates among children are through the roof not to mention cancer rates among the general population.

Naturally, these same people are highly skeptical of the rushed “experimental” COVID-19 but this rushed vaccine has caused many others to also ask questions. Millions of Americans who previously had no problem with vaccines are now wondering about the safety of the COVID shots and even flat-out refusing to get them.

An NPR, PBS and Marist poll shows that nearly half of President Trump supporters do not plan on taking the coronavirus shot when it’s their “turn” to get one.

According to the survey, 47% of the respondents who identified as Trump supporters say they will not choose to be vaccinated, while the broader Republican category showed 41% saying they’ll refuse vaccination.

In contrast, only 11% of Democrats said they won’t get vaccinated. In the bigger picture, however, nearly two-thirds of Americans say they have either taken the shot or plan to.

There’s really no reason to believe that these rushed vaccines are safe or even necessary. The COVID-19 survival rate among healthy people is over 98%. Not to mention the fact that Dr. Fauci himself along with other medical doctors and scientists have revealed that the vaccines aren’t even really vaccines at all.

The shots will make those who get it asymptomatic but won’t stop the spread of the virus. The shots also come with a whole range of potentially dangerous side effects.

What makes Americans even less receptive to getting the vaccines is the fact that the government is so adamant that we do. Joe Biden just told Americans on Thursday night, in his first address to the nation, that if we all just behave ourselves and get vaccinated we just might be allowed to have 4th of July picnics.

This is America. We are a free people. Our freedom is not contingent on government compliance and obedience especially when the government is being run by an illegitimate regime.

We don’t need permission from Joe Biden or any other government official to live freely. The Constitution gives us that right already.

The fact that the government is pushing the COVID vaccines so hard is a major red flag to many.

The poll also asked participants about lockdowns and revealed just how effective the left-wing establishment media has been at convincing viewers to live in fear.

Around 75% of Republicans expressed that it’s time for states to open back up so that the economy can recover while 78% of Democrats believe the opposite. The Democrats believe that lockdowns must remain as long as there is a health risk.

There have always been health risks. There have always been viruses. We can’t live isolated and shuttered up from the world and each other. It’s time to stop the charade and kick government out of our personal lives once and for all.

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