Political Pundit Under Fire For Post Supporting Trump’s Death

(Rallying Patriots) – Some of the anti-Trump material being produced by folks on the internet is absolutely disturbing. A good case in point is the recent post from political pundit Ann Coulter, who caused a massive controversy over the weekend when she took it upon herself to suggest the best way former President Donald Trump could make this country great again would be to die. Morbid, right? Who says something like that?

According to The Western Journal, “Coulter made the morbid recommendation Saturday while referencing a July 2023 social media post where a commenter wrote, ‘Ann Coulter has been right about Trump in the past. I’d love to hear what he needs to do, in her opinion to help us take America back.'”

Her response?

“Maybe he could die?”

“Coulter’s macabre suggestion fueled volcanic outrage on X, with many slamming her death wish for the 45th president as going a bridge too far,” the report continued.

Other individuals remarked that Coulter appeared to be suffering from a rather bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Many opponents of Trump tend to suffer from this psychological disorder, which was originally just a label that started as a joke but in all honesty, it’s feeling as though this ought to be something included in the diagnostic manual used by psychologists and psychiatrists.

“Judging by the anti-Trump vitriol Coulter has spewed during the past few years, it’s hard to believe she was a vocal Trump supporter in the lead-up to his 2016 election win. By 2018, she had turned against him amid frustration that the border wall was not completed,” the WJ article said.

We’re all frustrated about the situation at the border, especially since it has gotten so much worse since Joe Biden became president. We have thousands of illegal aliens waltzing into the country, slipping through the fingers of our Border Patrol because there are just too many of them. On top of that, terrorists are sneaking into the country, not to mention mountains of fentanyl and members of Mexican drug cartels.

None of this would be happening if we had a border wall and strict enforcement of the law. But this isn’t Trump’s fault. He could only do so much as the president. Without having full control of Congress during the last two years of his presidency and not getting re-elected in 2020, he was simply unable to accomplish this mission.

“In 2019, Trump blasted Coulter’s repeated jabs, calling her a ‘Wacky Nut Job’ who didn’t understand the intransigent bureaucratic resistance he faced while trying to get the wall built,” the report stated.

“Since then, Coulter has escalated her attacks against Trump to such an extreme that she criticizes him far more than she does Joe Biden, whose disastrous presidency has unleashed an unprecedented border catastrophe — an issue the conservative pundit is passionate about,” the article revealed.

Shockingly, Coulter has not made these kinds of vile comments about Biden, despite the vast majority of this border crisis happening on his watch. If she is so concerned about the border, enough to slam Trump for not getting the wall built, why is she not angry with Biden?

The reason people are supporting Trump is not because he’s perfect and hasn’t made mistakes. It’s because he is a fighter who will stand up for them and push back against the insanity of the left. Regular Americans are the true victims of leftist policies. They are the ones who are most hurt by poor economic plans, skyrocketing inflation, and higher taxes. Trump, who is just like the rest of us, stood up and sought to do what was best. That’s why so many are loyal to him and to the agenda he wants to pursue.

It’s sad that Coulter does not seem to understand this.

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