Political Persecution In America: Michigan Prosecutors Determined To Destroy Young Conservative’s Life Over SnapChat Joke

(Rallying Patriots) – If you think political persecution isn’t happening in America to regular, everyday citizens, you’d better think again.

The radical left has used the Capitol riot as a catalyst to usher in an era of persecution unlike anything this country has ever seen and they’re just getting started.

With corrupt, activist judges sitting on benches across the country and prosecutors who have been financially backed by globalist billionaire George Soros, anyone, anywhere could be the next victim of this un-American assault on our constitutional rights.

One 21-year-old Michigan man has found this out first-hand.

Lucas Gerhard should be celebrating his graduation from Lake Superior State University in Sault St. Marie, MI, with a degree in criminal justice and searching for a job in law enforcement.

Instead, Gerhard is on house arrest in his father’s home and forced to wear an ankle bracelet.

Why? Because Gerhard is a conservative and has refused to kowtow to the radical left and their incessant bullying.

The event that catapulted Gerhard into the judicial system as a defendant is something so minor and non-criminal, you won’t even believe it.

Back in 2019, Gerhard spent his hard-earned money on an AR-15 which he is legally allowed to own. Sometime during the month of August of 2019, Gerhard posted a picture of his new gun on SnapChat with the caption “Takin this bad boy up. This outta make the snowflakes melt. aye? And I mean snowflakes as in snow.”

Anyone with a working brain can tell that Gerhard was not making threats against anybody with this picture or his comment. Conservatives frequently say things about liberal “snowflakes” and how they are going to “melt” in reference to their unhinged, emotional responses to viewpoints that differ from their own.

In no way was his SnapChat post a threat and nowhere does it indicate he had any intention of going out and shooting people who identify as liberals or Democrats. Yet, an unhinged liberal reported him to the police anyway.

Gerhard was promptly questioned by Sault St. Marie Police officers when he arrived at school August 23, 2019, and despite explaining to the police that he had only made a joke and was in no way threatening anyone, they arrested him the next day anyway.

It has been a living nightmare for Gerhard ever since.

The Sault St. Marie Police arrested Gerhard and charged him with making terrorist threats which carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

“I was in disbelief. I couldn’t believe the prosecutor had actually decided to press charges,” Lucas’ father Retired Col. Mark Gerhard said, and further contended that if school officials really believed his son was a threat they would have spoken to him sooner.

Lucas Gerhard spent 83 days in jail before his father was able to bail him out and after being released he was sentenced to house arrest where he remains today. The house arrest comes at a fee of $500 per month that his father has been forced to pay along with Lucas’ defense fees.

As part of his house arrest agreement, Lucas is not allowed to attend school or use the internet.

The harassment of Gerhard by liberal students at Lake Superior State University had been going on for some time and he was routinely questioned, harassed, and bullied by campus officials and security after being reported on by emotionally unstable liberal students.

Gerhard should be immediately set free from house arrest and all charges against him dismissed. This is a complete sham and just goes to show how far the radical left is willing to go to shut down those they don’t agree with.

Political persecution in America is here, folks.

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