SHOCK CLAIM: China’s Military May Have Started The COVID-19 Pandemic

(Rallying Patriots) – Another plot twist in the COVID-19 origins story has come via an exclusive report by the Gateway Pundit. The report indicates that the start of the global pandemic may have actually originated with a military operation in which the virus was released during a test conducted as part of the 2019 Military World Games, which was held in Wuhan from October 18-27, 2019.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army reportedly unintentionally spread COVID-19 among the Chinese population in Wuhan through a bioaerosol test and that the PLA “vastly underestimated its transmissibility.”

According to the Gateway Pundit:

If there was an environmental test of COVID-19 by the PLA, whether at the 2019 Military World Games or elsewhere, expertise in the areas of environmental microorganism surveillance and the analysis of the spread of viral disease in human populations would be essential.

In recent years, the PLA has made extraordinary efforts to fulfill those requirements, starting with the fusion of military and civilian bioaerosol research, which was initiated at a joint symposium between the PLA and Peking University held on January 8-9, 2017.

In China, there is no difference between civilian and military research and this fusion was mandated as part of the 2016 Chinese Communist Party’s Thirteenth Five-Year Plan.

In 2017, a meeting was held called “Peking University Military-civilian Fusion Bioaerosol Symposium. This meeting was organized by Mao-sheng Yao of Peking University and Shun-xiang Huang (pictured here) of the PLA’s Institute for Chemical Defense.

According to the news report of the symposium there were over two dozen different Chinese universities joining the PLA Institute of Chemical Defense, the PLA Veterinary Institute, the PLA Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the PLA 302nd Hospital to work out a strategic plan for bioaerosol military-civilian integration and avenues of cooperation.

TGP reports that Mao-sheng Yao is an “expert in the surveillance and measurement of microorganisms in the environment,” and who was entirely educated in US universities. Shun-xiang Huang is an “expert on the spread of viral disease in human populations.”

In December of 2019, a Chinese patent was granted to Mao-sheng Yao entitled “Method for rapidly detecting pathogenic microorganisms in air and respiratory tract on site.” In December 2020, Shun-xiang Huang and his colleagues at the PLA Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Institute published an article on how an influenza epidemic would spread in the US.

It’s clear that if there was a test release of COVID-19 into the environment that precipitated the global pandemic, Mao-sheng Yao and Shun-xiang Huang were most likely involved.

Both men have received high honors and awards from the PLA which as TGP reports, “indicates the importance China places on military bioaerosol research and development.”

The PLA is clearly capable of conducting an environmental test of COVID-19 but now evidence needs to be gathered to prove this theory. An investigation is reportedly already underway.

Even if the virus did not accidentally or purposefully escape from a Wuhan lab, the pandemic still falls in China’s lap.

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  1. This is nothing new about this news. Why did Nancy Pelosi go to visit Wuhan Lab at this timeline of late fall of 2019? It shows that she was a part of a corrupt culture that would change the direction of our nation’s voting spreadsheets toward Joe Biden’s victory. We are heading toward socialism quickly, where spreading the wealth be a political norm as a cakewalk through congress. Beware of taxation of the middle class through inflation of our goods.

  2. The thing that is startling is that the DemocRats keep supporting the Chinese in this pandemic in spite of continued evidence that the pandemic started in China. It is unimportant to argue which person, persons, Army, or chemical lab set it loose. IMO it was deliberately set loose by China to get rid of Trump and to see how American bureaucrats would respond


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