Pelosi Snaps At Reporter Asking About Spying On Republican Lawmakers (VIDEO)

(Rallying Patriots) – Democrats are desperate to maintain their Jan. 6 narrative that the events that transpired that day were an attempted “insurrection” carried out by Trump supporters. If their narrative were to fall apart and be disproven, they know that would lead Americans to see the truth about their involvement in what took place that day at the Capitol.

There’s nothing Democrats hate more than the truth.

That’s why Nancy Pelosi set up the sham Jan. 6 Committee and is hell-bent on proving that Republican lawmakers were somehow involved in the so-called insurrection attempt.

Ever since Jan. 6, 2021, Democrats have been after their Republican colleagues. According to reports, in November, Capitol Police officers attempted to disguise themselves as construction workers to gain access to Rep. Troy Nehls’ office without drawing attention.

Nehls has been quite vocal in his doubts over the entire Jan. 6 narrative as told by Democrats. He’s openly criticized Pelosi and her sham committee and questioned the events surrounding the murder of US military veteran Ashli Babbitt.

Once inside the office, they took illegal photos and then returned two days later to harass Nehls’ staff using the illegally taken pictures they had just days earlier taken.

When a reporter attempted to ask House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the incident, which was very likely commissioned by her, she snapped.

According to a report by Politico, the Capitol Police have made a habit of secretly spying on Republican lawmakers since the Jan. 6 ordeal.

A reporter asked Pelosi about Rep. Nehls’ allegations and Pelosi lost her composure.

“Don’t waste your time! I have no power over the Capitol Police! Does anybody not know that?!” Pelosi shouted.

On Tuesday, Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger responded to Nehls’ allegations in a statement (screenshot here) and claimed that the door to Nehls’ office was left open but, according to records, there were staff working inside.

He also said that the police officers who appeared to be dressed in disguise were only there to “document and secure” the office which had been left open and vacant, which is also untrue. Naturally, the Chief refused to admit that his officers were spying on Nehls.

The Capitol Police have become the gestapo for the Democratic Party and the fraudulent Biden regime and they’re shamelessly doing the bidding of the Deep State. Of course they’re never going to admit any of it but it’s clearly what’s going on.

This is a remarkable time in US history. We’ve been taken over by a fraudulent regime through a stolen and rigged election which was meddled with by state officials under the guise of public health safety thanks to the COVID charade. Now, an entire law enforcement agency appears to be at the behest of one political party.

That’s some scary stuff. Meanwhile, life continues to go on as usual all around us. Clearly by design to keep us all too distracted from what’s going on within our own federal government.

Americans had better find a stronger resolve to get involved before it’s too late.

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