REVEALED: Twitter Adds Bogus “Fact-Check” Claiming “No Evidence Of Widespread Fraud” In AZ

(Rallying Patriots) – The real “big lie” is finally being officially exposed. Now that the audit in Maricopa County, Arizona is all but finished and preliminary summaries of the findings have been released, it can no longer be denied that there was, in fact, widespread fraud in Arizona.

The left is most likely in full blown panic mode but they’re still clinging on to their outright lies about the election.

In a pathetic attempt to convince users that they shouldn’t believe the hard evidence found as a result of the Arizona audit, Twitter has started issuing a bogus “fact-check” warning to the trending topics claiming there is “no evidence of widespread fraud” in Arizona’s 2020 election.

These people have absolutely no shame.

On Thursday, the Arizona State Senate held a public hearing on the Maricopa County audit that is still not entirely finished.

The much anticipated session revealed shocking examples of fraud and illegal actions taken by officials during the 2020 election.

Among the explosive discoveries were 74,000 mail-in ballots that appear to have no record of them ever being actually mailed out, as well as 25,000 ballots that were missing serial numbers. These were far from the only two major issues found but these particular items set social media platforms ablaze with outrage.

“Cyber Ninjas” and “Maricopa County” began trending on Twitter as Americans expressed their disgust and anger over these discoveries.

Naturally, Twitter sprung into action and began issuing their bogus “fact-check” notice on the trending topics.

This pathetic effort proves just how desperate the Big Tech Cabal and their leftist cohorts are to contain the truth and outright deceive the American people.

Fortunately, Americans just aren’t falling for their lies anymore. The amazing thing about the truth is that it always has a way of coming to light and the 2020 election is no exception.

Try as they might to fight it, the truth is coming out thanks to freedom-loving patriots across America.

Arizona is only just the beginning. Soon we’re going to see the full extent of this massive fraudulent effort to steal the 2020 election as evidence comes out of Pennsylvania and Georgia.

If you thought there was massive fraud in Arizona, just imagine how much chicanery went down in Pennsylvania where Joe Biden supposedly overcame a more than 700,000 vote deficit to “win.”

Even in Arizona, we still haven’t seen the full audit report yet as it isn’t expected until next month.

The big question now is, what happens after all the fraud and illegal activity comes to light? Will there be consequences for those responsible? Are we going to be stuck with Joe Biden and his fraudulent regime until 2024? Will they continue to be free to ruin America with impunity?

Surely something must be done. Stay tuned. Things are just starting to get good.

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