OUTRAGE: CA Parents Speak Out Against Sexual Predator Teachers Caught Grooming Children Into Transgenderism

(Rallying Patriots) – Activists have infiltrated the public school system in America. There seems to be more activists pretending to be teachers than actual teachers. These deranged radical leftists have no business being around children and for good reason. They’re using their position of authority in their students’ lives to groom them into embracing LGBT and transgender ideologies and lifestyles.

It’s really quite sick and disturbing and it’s going on everywhere. It’s up to parents to get involved and know who is responsible for teaching their children while they’re at school for 7 to 8 hours a day.

The parents of one 12-year-old public school student in California are making their voices heard after it was discovered that the child’s so-called teachers were attempting to brainwash and groom the child into becoming transgender.

As part of the broader effort to promote and normalize pedophilia, several teachers at Spreckels Union School District (SUSD) near Salinas, exposed their students to sexual propaganda and other inappropriate filth without consent from parents. As a matter of fact, parents were left completely in the dark.

The other goal of these sick “teachers” was to nudge one particular student (the aforementioned 12-year-old) into joining the LGBT crowd.

At least two teachers have been discovered to have “coached” the young girl into adopting a “trans” identity without her parents’ knowledge. As if that weren’t bad enough, the school went ahead and changed the girl’s name and “gender pronouns” without even so much as telling her parents about it.

When the girl’s parents found out about what was going on and contacted the school, one of the teachers had the audacity to call Child Protective Services (CPS), claiming that the girl needed to be taken away from her parents because they refused to get on board with her “trans” identity and would not use her “correct” name and pronouns.

After the parents refused to back down, the teachers tried to defend themselves by saying it was all a big “mistake” but the girl’s parents aren’t buying their lies.

“A mistake?!” yelled the child’s mother at a recent school board meeting about the scandal. “How many mistakes are we going to take before my child almost lost their life? They didn’t tell me that my child was suicidal. You allowed these teachers to open their classrooms teaching predatory information to a young child.”

“You will not quiet me today,” she added. “I will stand here today along with every other child.”

The girl’s father also spoke at the board meeting and said that education “needs to be grounded in truth.”

“We need God back in America,” he stated. “We need God back in schools. I just feel that our kids are impressionable at that age, and we should keep the parents informed. I say resign or repent.”

This is a truly disturbing incident and shows just how wickedly depraved and deranged radical leftists truly are. They are openly preying on young, impressionable students. No wonder the young girl was suicidal! The transgender ideology is chalk-full of lies and darkness that grown adults have a hard time with.

Sadly, this is hardly an isolated incident. This kind of sinister teacher activism is going on all across the country.

Disturbing audio recordings by independent media have revealed some of the tactics these “teachers” are using to hide what they’re really doing such as changing the names of LGBT clubs so as not to set off alarms with parents and not keeping attendance rolls so parents have no way to confirm whether or not their children are involved.

“It was horrifying to listen to not just one teacher but really all of the teachers in all of these seminars excoriating parents,” said the source of the recordings, who is calling herself by the pseudonym of Rebecca Murphy in order to protect her identity.

“The overarching theme of the classes that I attended were California teachers instructing other teachers on how to sneak in the LGBTQ+ curriculum in a manner that does not alert parents,” Murphy further added, referring to the courses that were offered at the recent California Teachers Association (CTA) seminar she attended and recorded.

What’s even more disturbing is that it isn’t just the teachers, it’s the National Education Association (NEA) in collusion with the school districts, teachers and radical LGBT organizations.

It’s time for parents to wake up and take a stand for their children’s education and mental health. The LGBT agenda needs to be scourged from the public school system but it isn’t going to happen with parents sitting on the sidelines.

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