Ouch: Joe Rogan Slams Biden’s Mental Incompetence, “Everyone Knows He’s Out Of His Mind, He’s Barely Hanging In There”

(Rallying Patriots) – Joe Biden is a national, and at times an international, embarrassment. He is clearly so far mentally gone that it can no longer be ignored or denied.

He can’t seem to be on camera for any reason without proving just how far advanced his dementia actually is. Meanwhile, everyone around him continues to pretend that everything is fine while simultaneously behaving like caregivers.

His staff will not allow him to take any kind of unscripted questions from the press and he is not allowed to go anywhere or talk to anyone without a series of flashcards to keep him on topic.

Even with all the hard work that goes into keeping Biden on track, he still manages to make a darn fool of himself nearly every time he opens his mouth.

As disturbing as it is, his gaffes and bizarre behavior are far more interesting than when he is speaking and appears to have one foot in the grave.

Podcast host Joe Rogan ripped Biden during his show Thursday, saying that America doesn’t really have a leader right now and that the 78-year-old Biden’s severe mental decline can no longer be reasonably denied.

While speaking to fellow comedian Eliza Shlesinger, Rogan noted how the US wouldn’t be so “unhinged” if we were “anchored down by a real leader.”

You know, like President Trump, though Rogan would never go that far.

“We don’t really have a real leader in this country anymore,” Rogan told Shlesinger.

“I mean, you could say Joe Biden is the president, he’s our leader, and you’d be correct on paper, but everybody knows he’s out of his mind. He’s barely hanging in there.”

Joe Rogan has been an outspoken critic of Biden and his obvious cognitive decline since Biden was a candidate.

Rogan, who supported Bernie Sanders for president, said ahead of the 2020 election that he believed Biden was “clearly in the throes of dementia.”

In a previous podcast in August, Rogan voters would be “very uncomfortable with a man who seems to be mentally compromised winning the election and doing so by hiding.”

His latest comments regarding Biden’s mental health came as Biden addressed the press by bizarrely whispering at them which left him being labeled as a “creep” across social media and news outlets alike.

It was, indeed, incredibly creepy and uncomfortable.

Installing Joe Biden in the White House was perhaps the biggest slap in the face to Americans the left could come up with.

Not only did they prove they had the power to steal the presidential election but they did it with a man who is so corrupt and so mentally incapable of holding the position. It’s so brazen and yet they did and could possibly get away with it if Americans don’t start fighting back.

It’s almost like the left wants us to know they did it and there’s nothing any of us can do about it.

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  1. By now,Democrats and the press (but I repeat myself) would be screaming if this were a Republican, that he had to go! Instead they coddle him and pretend nothing is wrong. This is not only sad, but also dangerous. Do you think our international opponents don’t know what’s going on with him and are gearing up to challenge him? When that happens, he wil not be capable of responding in a rational way. He has to go. Even though that will make the egregious Kamala Harris president , she at least appears to possess all her mental faculties. The country cannot afford to have a mental incompetent as president. Those closest to him have to persuade him to step down. Threaten to take away his pudding.


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