NSA Reveals In FOIA Response That The FBI Conducted “Improper Surveillance” Of 16,000 Americans

(Rallying Patriots) – The Gateway Pundit published an article Thursday in which they claimed to have information to suggest that the National Security Agency (NSA) and the FBI are at odds with one another. This is a good thing for Americans as the FBI has transformed from a law enforcement agency to a partisan weapon for the Democrats.

As TGP points out, during the violent riots that rocked the US in 2020, Black Lives Matter was linked to at least 91% of the riots. These riots caused over $2 billion worth of damages in cities across the US making it the most extensive property damage in US insurance history.

Contrast these violent riots with the dozens and dozens of Trump rallies that took place all around America during the same time period. There were thousands, sometimes upwards of 15,000, people in attendance at every Trump rally, no matter where it was.

Yet, there was never any violence. Never any riots. No property damage. No assault against police officers. No illegal activity whatsoever.

The Democrats, however, expect the world to believe that on Jan. 6 Trump supporters who had just previously peacefully rallied with President Trump at the Ellipse outside the White House, just suddenly snapped and turned violent.

Over 400 individuals have been hunted down by the FBI and arrested for their involvement with the Capitol riot despite almost that many being waved into the Capitol by police standing near the entrances.

Now it seems the evidence is piling up that the FBI was actually behind instigating the riot, not President Trump or his supporters. It’s no wonder Democrats are refusing to release some 14,000 hours of video surveillance captured on that day to Republican lawmakers.

Earlier this week, Revolver News published an article in regards to the “unindicted co-conspirators” of the Jan. 6 incident. These individuals have yet to be arrested or charged by the DOJ or FBI despite their part in the violence of Jan. 6.

As Revolver News pointed out, these “unindicted co-conspirators” appear to have led the attack on the Capitol and were among the most violent of those inside. Revolver News and TGP suggest that these individuals were likely FBI informants.

TGP has also reported on the evidence that proves the FBI was actively recruiting military members to infiltrate and spy on conservative, freedom-loving groups the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys prior to the Jan. 6 ordeal (video here).

Now TGP is reporting that they have evidence to suggest the NSA is actually working against the FBI.

Attorney Ty Clevenger has been working for years to uncover the truth surrounding the 2016 murder of former DNC staffer Seth Rich and the FBI’s attempts to cover it up.

Clevenger recently filed FOIA requests for all information the FBI has regarding Rich, his connections, and his death.

The FBI essentially informed Clevenger that it would take decades for all of the requested information to be released.

Clevenger then received a letter from the NSA promising to provide records related to the FBI’s illegal spying on upwards of 16,000 Americans. Clevenger says the letter he received from the NSA suggests political fighting between the two agencies.

The NSA has reportedly been fighting against the FBI’s illegal use of their databases for years now. In 2016, Admiral Mike Rogers attempted to shut down FBI access to the NSA database while he was the NSA Director, after learning that the FBI was illegally searching their database for the purpose of opposition research.

This opposition research included the Russia-collusion hoax which were political hit jobs aimed at taking down President Trump and his allies.

Perhaps folks at the NSA recognize just how dangerous the FBI is to America and can’t help but see the growing amount of evidence that indicates the FBI set up the entire Jan. 6 Capitol riot in an attempt to open the door for justification of their political persecution against conservatives and Trump supporters.

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  1. Everyone both Democrat and Republican in the People’s house should be inundated with the demand that this information about the FBI and the Democrats be revealed. Otherwise we start impeachment trial by a constitutional convention and if the Supreme Court obstructs, we can add them to those to the agenda of the Grand Jury. If the Government will not act the people have the right to relieve them. Having the Constitution intact the rule of law prevails.


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