No Media Outrage? Biden Regime Holding 18,000 Illegal Children While Trump’s Max Was 2,600

(Rallying Patriots) – After stealing the 2020 presidential election, the fraudulent Biden regime has been pushing the left’s radical agenda and carrying on as if everything is fine and well in America.

One of the biggest threats currently facing our way of life is Biden’s open borders policies that have given the green light to millions of migrants around the world to make their way to our southern border.

Biden’s supposedly “moral” policies have led to a massive increase in business for dangerous and violent cartels who deal in human trafficking and drug smuggling.

It’s also put tens of thousands of children at risk as their loving parents put them in the hands of these cartels to move them to the border.

Under President Trump, at the height of the “kids in cages” scandal that was obsessively focused on by every mainstream media outlet in the country, there were around 2,600 underage illegal immigrants in the custody of the federal government.

Under Biden, that number has exploded to nearly 18,000 but don’t hold your breath waiting for the outrage and indignation from the establishment media outlets.

ABC News reported that as of March 30th, “There [were] 17,641 unaccompanied migrant minors in government care — 5,606 children are in CBP custody and 12,035 in the care of the Department of Human and Health Services.”

A reporter for CBS recently observed a facility in Donna, Texas that is currently housing over 600 illegal immigrant children in a “pod” that is meant to accommodate 32 kids. The reporter also noted that the facility as a whole is “at 1,700% pandemic capacity.”

So much for COVID and “following the science” apparently.

With these kinds of numbers you’d think bleeding heart leftists and the liberal mainstream media mouthpieces would be up in arms but you’d be wrong.

They’ve always been fond of exposing their biases but this is a whole new level of blatant double standards.

The media is outright ignoring the massive number of unaccompanied migrant children in federal custody and, as an added slap in the face, they’re also pretending that everything is just fine with migrants crossing the border and bringing COVID with them.

Nobody seems too concerned about the lack of COVID measures and rules along the border and within housing facilities. Meanwhile, Americans are still being forced to endure all manner of ridiculous COVID rules.

The media has been absolutely hysterical about COVID for the last year. The panic has caused millions of Americans to legitimately fear a virus that 99% of people survive.

Their complete lack of concern or outrage over migrants coming to the US without even so much as being tested has only proven that the media only pushes propaganda and that the entire COVID pandemic has been nothing more than theater to control the masses.

COVID has only been a cover to begin the erosion of our constitutionally granted rights and freedoms and a guise to manipulate and steal the 2020 election. The media’s reaction and coverage of the border crisis all but proves it.

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