Nickelodeon Doesn’t Like The Backlash To Their Posts Teaching Kids About “Environmental Racism” So They Shut Down Comments

(Rallying Patriots) – When are Americans going to realize it’s the left’s world now and our opinions and beliefs are irrelevant?

When are we going to come to terms with the fact that the unhinged, deranged left is in charge of determining “facts” and “reality” and we can either get on board or become the enemy?

Woke leftists in America truly believe they have it all figured out. They actually believe they speak the truth and have all the answers. That’s why when they spew nonsense and get backlash over it, they simply turn to their cronies in Big Tech and have the resistance silenced.

They don’t care what any of us have to say. It isn’t our place to have opinions anymore. They are telling us how we should think, feel and believe and they demand we submit, or else.

Children’s cable network Nickelodeon is always happy to indoctrinate their viewers whenever the opportunity presents itself. Naturally, Earth Day provided the perfect opportunity for the network to lecture children about “racism.”

“Environmental racism” that is.

When viewers took issue with this blatant and lopsided propaganda featured in a Nick News Flash, the network simply shut down comments on social media.

Instead of hearing and taking into consideration what viewers had to say, Nickelodeon just shut them up.

On Earth Day last week, Nickelodeon featured a Nick News segment which discussed “environmental racism” and CBS host Jamie Yuccas described it as “a form of systemic racism where minority and low income communities are surrounded by health hazards because they live near sewage, mines, landfills, power stations, major roads.”

The Nick News segment comes from an hour-long Earth Day special which also featured the world’s favorite climate change expert, Greta Thunberg, as well as the special presidential envoy for climate, John Kerry.

What a treat for children!

Veiled as climate change propaganda, the special was really just a blatant attempt to indoctrinate children to engage in social justice activism and it did not go over well on social media.

One commenter said, “I remember when Nickelodeon didn’t indoctrinate our kids,” while another called the network out saying, “Nickelodeon is promoting environmental racism to your children.”

“Let’s talk about environmental racism affecting the South Bronx, shall we? Did you know Democrats in New York are the ones who’ve closed Indian Point, which has supplied zero-carbon, zero-pollution energy to NYC for 60 years? To be replaced by fossil fuels. Democrats did this,” another aptly pointed out.

Of course, Democrats are always behind all of the misery and “injustice” they claim to fight against in the US.

One person noted, “I’m old enough to remember when Nickelodeon taught children valuable life lessons through nuanced messages in shows like Hey Arnold and Avatar: The Last Airbender instead of preachy propaganda.”

One user expressed frustration with the blatant manipulation of truth and reality, “These people are such a cancer. It has nothing to do with racism. Most unappealing infrastructure is surrounded by cheaper housing which attracts lower income people. And in some cases those people are minorities. But FYI 14M White Americans live in poverty VS 8M Blacks.”

Those calling the shots over at Nickelodeon couldn’t take the negative responses so they made the decision to turn off comments on their Twitter and YouTube posts.

The best way to get Americans to get behind the climate change hoax is to frame it as some kind of injustice issue against minorities caused by greedy and self-serving politicians, which just always happen to be Republicans.

The only way to get Americans on board with the inevitable socialism to come in the name of saving the planet is to convince us that we are horrible, evil people for allowing climate change to happen since it’s actually a “racism” issue.

It’s all a charade and it’s pretty clear Americans by and large aren’t falling for it.

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