New World Order: An Inside Look At Australia’s ‘Mandatory Quarantine Camps’

(Rallying Patriots) – Australia is falling to the “New World Order.” Life down under has turned into a complete hell and it’s entirely by design.

Earlier this week, Australia Public Health Chief, Dr. Kerry Chant, confirmed this when she admitted that the country “will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the New World Order.”

In the New World Order, humanity is terrified of viruses and fear will be used to control the masses. The tyranny seen will be, and is already being, justified by the efforts to “protect” public health and safety. This is the goal, at any rate, and it certainly seems to be working in Australia.

Dr. Chant’s comment was a nod to the “Great Reset” and it set social media ablaze.

Her use of the term “New World Order” was no coincidence. Not when you consider all of the really deranged, dystopian COVID “mitigation” efforts and restrictions being instituted there and around the world.

Australia has turned into a full-blown authoritarian state thanks to COVID. It seems as though the country is setting the precedent for the rest of the world. The future is not looking promising.

Australia has been home to some of the strictest restrictions of any Western nation since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The most disturbing of these tyrannical actions has been their so-called “mandatory quarantine centers” (screen shot here) for travelers which look and feel a lot like internment camps.

The camps have been under construction since the beginning of this year and they are expected to be fully operational by early 2022. The first site is already up and running.

The Howard Spring Quarantine Facility has been open and operating for a few months now and as Gateway Pundit writer Julian Conradson put it, “The dystopian facility is a former mining camp on the northern tip of the country and has row after row of “cabins” that can isolate individuals who need a little break from personal liberties and freedom.

Those who are forced into the facility for confinement are restricted to their pod which has a small porch for them to be able to get fresh air on. The “residents” are provided bags of food by workers who are, naturally, dressed head to toe in protective HAZMAT-like suits as they pass through with a meal trolley.

The food delivery has been described by one “resident” as “when you shake the bag of dog treats and the dogs come running.” (Video here).

A New York Times writer even compared the food delivery at the Howard Springs Quarantine Facility to an animal zoo and said the entire group of people being forcefully confined there were “irritated” at first but after getting some of the sweet treats being thrown at them they calmed down and eventually accepted the treatment.

“I wondered if an American like me could warm up to the approach.

Most of us in D block – Where I was placed and could talk to a few people at a safe distance from our rooms’ verandas – arrived feeling irritated…

But at some point, I noticed an attitudinal shift. Maybe we’d been softened by the desserts – the sharp lemon meringue, the lush chocolate tart. One day, when the food delivery carts rumbled in, I peered down our row and noticed that we were all craning our necks, leaning out from our little balconies, like animals at the zoo.”

What a dehumanizing experience.

Tyranny is not something that happens suddenly but rather builds up, slowly over time. This is what is happening in Australia and you can bet the radical left and those truly in charge of the US are already plotting to introduce quarantine camps right here.

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