New Report Says Smugglers Are Using Facebook To Advertise Trips To Illegally Cross Into US

(Rallying Patriots) – The cartels of South and Central America are dangerous and violent, they’re also tech savvy.

Human smugglers, which are most often associated with cartels, have been using social media, specifically Facebook, to advertise their illegal border crossing services to migrants looking to make their way to the US for their free ride.

The Tech Transparency Project reported Friday that Facebook’s algorithm has recommended pages linked to human smuggling. This is despite the fact that Facebook claims to be opposed to the practice.

An investigation by the Tech Transparency Project found that the social media giant’s community guidelines prohibit human trafficking and other actions that exploit individuals.

Naturally, Facebook says they don’t allow for human trafficking or smuggling content to be posted to the site since it results in exploitation, according to FB’s community standards guidelines.

“While we need to be careful not to conflate human trafficking and smuggling, the two can be related and exhibit overlap,” the guidelines say. “Human smuggling is a crime against a state, relying on movement, and human trafficking is a crime against a person, relying on exploitation.”

The cartels are advertising their services, which absolutely exploit humans, under the guise of travel services and Facebook is allowing it to happen.

The Tech Transparency Project reports that at least 50 Facebook pages were discovered that offer migrants illegal passage to the US when searching “viajar a estados Unidos” (“travel to the United States”) and “cruzando a estados Unidos” (“cross to the United States”).

The report explains that over half of these pages have been made since last fall while around a dozen have been made in the last month. Despite it being obvious what these pages are for, they’ve been freely operating without any interference or intervention from Facebook.

The Tech Transparency Project report even found that Facebook’s algorithm was even suggesting other pages related to offering illegal crossing services to users. In other words, not only is FB not doing anything to stop the advertisement of human smuggling services, they’re promoting them.

The cartels are exploiting desperate people by taking all of their life-savings or putting them in debt for years and years to come.

If citizens of South and Central America have $8,000 on hand to pay for their trip and illegal crossing into the US are they really the desperate refugees the leftist media is painting them out to be?

Nonetheless, the Democrats’ lax approach to border security and immigration law only emboldens criminal cartels, promotes human smuggling and exploits vulnerable individuals.

Yet, they pretend it is them who are “restoring morality” to the border.

Until Democrats take a stand against Big Tech companies openly allowing cartels to use their platforms to advertise for illegal human smuggling services, they are all hypocrites and have zero credibility when it comes to “morality” and “humanity.”

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