New Report Reveals Liberal Media Is ‘Stalking’ Salon Owner Who Dared To Defy The Governor

(Rallying Patriots) – The mainstream media, along with progressives of all stripes and in all walks of life, have transformed the coronavirus pandemic into a weapon they can use to fear monger and anyone who dares to resist being terrified out of their wits and following the insane guidelines the left wants to force on people in the name of safety gets shamed into submission.

However, thankfully, this is America. Most people in this country have a natural rebellious streak woven into the fabric of their being. It exists there because the heart of our nation is independence, thinking for yourself, making your own decisions. The left wants us to be collectivists, but we are far too ingrained with individuality.

Sadly, whenever a person seeks to express this individuality by not buying into the latest fear scheme that the left is pushing as a means to gain control over the masses, that individual is usually harassed endlessly.

Such is the case of an Oregon hair salon owner who has fought tooth and nail against the state’s orders to shut down her place of business, ultimately forcing her to move out of the state.

According to WND, local news outlet The Salem Reporter is saying that Lindsey Graham — no relation to the senator — reopened her salon in an act of defiance against Democratic Gov. Kate Brown’s tyrannical orders and is in the process of attempting to cancel her lease, which is currently costing her a staggering $6,000 a month.

Graham is planning to take her business and move to the state of Arizona.

Fox News reported that Graham was met with praise by many small business owners and others who are rising up against the governor’s ridiculous orders, stating they went too far.

Now, reports coming out of the National File, the Arizona Republic and a reporter from Oregon are teaming up to try and dig deep into Graham’s background and her personal life as she relocates to the state of Arizona.

“Already, a state agency has fined her $14,000, and Child Protective Services agents were sent to her home to question her children,” WND’s report says.

“Graham has filed a federal lawsuit against the governor and state agencies alleging violations of her civil rights. The National File said reporter Whitney Woodworth at the Salem Statesman Journal has begun working with the Arizona Republic in a ‘joint project’ on Graham,” the report continues.

In an email, Woodworth demanded that Graham answer dozens of questions pertaining to her personal life. The email instructed her to “”Please respond to the following questions by the end of day Monday, March 8.”

Here are some of the questions Woodworth wanted her to answer:

“How many months did you operate rent free? Was your decision to close related to renewed rent demands?

“What are the names of the businesses, when did they close and what was the reason for the closure?

“You said your husband ran successful business before COVID. What can you say about his business record? How do you explain his bankruptcy and business closures in 2015? Didn’t he also get foreclosed on in 2017?

“How many states are you and your husband licensed as brokers? Can you provide your license numbers and the dates you and Scott passed the state exam?

“If you and your husband aren’t licensed realtors, how can you legally advertise your husband as a real estate agent on your website? Isn’t that misleading?

“How did you manage to pay for your home construction project and buying a new home when you publicly said you were struggling to survive?”

Graham then went on to say on Facebook, “I will so miss my conservative Oregonians, your support and your prayers. I will keep fighting your tyrannical governor and ensure that your rights are preserved.”

The salon owner then went on to issue a statement to the National File, saying, “The feminist in me is outraged, but the spirit of Christ within me is overjoyed. What was meant for my destruction has been turned into the greatest blessing, overcoming adversity, new opportunities have been created for myself and my family. I’m grateful that Oregon’s supermajority has made it next to impossible for businesses to operate, I’m grateful that Kate Brown sent DHS/CPS after my children, I’m grateful to Oregon’s blatant cancel-culture and the seemingly hate-filled social justice warriors. My eyes are now fully opened to the crystal clear line in the sand, and there’s no going back.”

Graham then told the National File: “Hatred is the tool of oppressors and a type of mental servitude. While I was shocked at the obvious targeting and unprofessional use of tyrannical force employed by Kate Brown’s apparent dictatorship, I have nothing but love and gratitude in my heart, as I absolutely refuse to be bound by hatred or struggle. Glamour Salon is closing, our family has moved out of Oregon to a deep red land of economic opportunity, and I have nothing left to lose. Kate Brown gave me a voice and a platform, and I intend to use it, as are the countless other small business owners who’ve stepped into the cold reality Brown created by allowing large businesses to operate while keeping family-owned and main street businesses shuttered, beyond a timeline that was feasible for survival.”

This is the kind of bullying that leftists engage in on a regular basis concerning anyone who dares to take a stand against their insanity. If you don’t think exactly as they do, you need to be shamed into getting in line. They won’t stop until they make your life a living hell.

If you’re going to stand up against these tyrannical tactics, you need to steel yourself from the onslaught of attacks you’re going to face. Don’t let them break your spirit.

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  1. Not too many people know that Erica Kious, who was the owner of the eSalon in San Francisco was found DEAD behind a dumpster. She was the owner of the salon where Nancy Pelosi was seen on the salon video having her hair done WITHOUT wearing a mask that she is insisting everybody else must wear. Pelosi insisted it was a set-up and demanded an apology which Erica would not give her. Shortly after that, they found her dead behind a dumpster which seems very suspicious. Coincidence? I think not!

    I hope this salon owner has plenty of bodyguards so she won’t end up DEAD like Erica Kious.


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