New Hampshire AG Caught Walking Toward Table Covered With ‘Secured’ Ballots At 11:15 PM, Just Before Camera Footage Went Blank For An Hour

(Rallying Patriots) – There is yet more shenanigans going on with vote recounts, this time in the Rockingham District 7 NH Houses Race, which was happening in Windham, New Hampshire.

According to Gateway Pundit, officials in the county have discovered that the machines they were using in the election have shorted every single Republican candidate by almost 300 votes.

Not long after the initial report about all of this came to the surface, the New Hampshire state senate voted 24-0 to force the state to perform an audit of the results in the Windham results on November 3, 2020.

Oh and can you take a wild guess at how manufactured the machines being used in this election? If you guessed Dominion, you’re a genius. Because that is precisely who built these machines.

You would think by now, with all of the errors these machines have, counties would stop using them to help with their elections, right? Or that the company would get on the ball and fix that is causing these errors.

Neither of these things is happening.

Adding to the idea that there’s some serious shenanigans going on, “Shortly after the audit began, Granite Grok’s Steve MacDonald, who’s done an amazing job of keeping Americans updated on the New Hampshire election irregularities, reported about what he believes was a highly unusual late-night visit to the room where the audit is taking place by none other than New Hampshire’s Assistant AG Ann Edwards,” the GP report noted.

Granite Grok – Before the security camera footage went out for about an hour, we see an image of NH Associate AG Anne Edwards walking toward a table covered with “secured” ballots – from the November election in Windham,” the report continued.

Just before the cameras go out, the state Trooper can be heard stating something about there being nobody else in the room.

Why would the trooper say that? Was he helping the AG get access to these votes in order to do something that would protect the election results and short the GOP candidates?

There’s a high probability this audit is not being conducted rightly and that Democrats are once again attempting to rig an election in their favor, even at the local level. Corruption knows no boundaries, does it?

The law in NH indicates that the attorney general’s office should not be involved in the auditing process at all. She has been told by Sen. Giuda about this very issue. Yet she continues to try and insert herself into the process. This is corruption.

The left will truly do anything to win.

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