MUST-SEE: WH Press Sec Slips Up, Admits Biggest Biden Disaster Yet Is Coming

(Rallying Patriots) – The Biden regime has made an absolute mess of the US economy and the worst part is they can’t even be honest about it.

They’ve gone full-speed with their radical climate change agenda since day 1 but have utterly refused to acknowledge the economic destruction it’s been causing.

Last year the Biden regime insisted that the economy was great and that inflation was only “transitory.” Then inflation stopped being so “transitory” but the economy was supposedly still doing well.

That’s changed to the economy not doing so well but it being almost entirely because of COVID and Vladimir Putin. The regime has insisted that a recession was just not possible. Now they’re saying a recession is conceivable but not “inevitable” and not “at all imminent,” according to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Sunday, as reported by CNBC.

It’s clear that Yellen doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about, or she’s blatantly lying. Either way, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre seems to be the only one able to tell the truth in the regime but she likely didn’t mean to.

On Tuesday, Jean-Pierre slipped up in answering a reporter’s question about Biden’s remarks last week “that there’s no inevitability around a recession.”

“There is a greater deal of market concern about exactly that,” he said. “And I know that inflation is your No. 1 concern, but can you talk a little bit about if you’re doing anything at all to prevent a recession or a rise in unemployment?”

Jean-Pierre whipped out the Biden regime talking point that the economy and the country was “in a moment of transition.”

“We have seen — we are in a unique situation with our — with the historical gains with our economy,” she continued. “The way that we see it, this unemployment rate has held steady at 3.6, which is also near historic lows. Business and investment remain strong; household balance sheets remain strong.”

She cited “an analysis that came out recently that showed middle-class Americans had an additional $10,000 in savings than before the pandemic” and that “another analysis found that all income groups had higher checking account balances at the end of March than they had pre-pandemic.”

This is obvious propaganda. Americans are not magically doing better financially now than they were two or three years ago with gas costly $5 a gallon and inflation crushing their wallets. But, it’s the talking points Jean-Pierre has to work with. Notice how she never mentioned who did these supposed studies?

She continued, “So, we see that the strengths that we — our economic strength that we have seen from this past year from the action that the president has taken with the American Rescue Plan, with what we have seen with the historical gains, that is going to help us deal with a recession.”

What? “Deal with a recession?” Well that sure sounds like it’s something the Biden regime has in the works.

She moved quickly to cover up her slip-up, “Right now — we don’t see a recession right now,” she said, tripping over her words, and added, “That is not — we’re not in a recession right now. Right now, we’re in a transition where we will — we are going to go into a place of stable and steady growth, and that’s going to be — that’s going to be our focus.”

Yeah, we’re all totally convinced.

I think we all know that America is in trouble and a recession is likely on the horizon. Biden doled out millions in free money to Americans at the start of his regime and that could have been an early indication that the regime knew where it was going to be taking this country.

The payments Americans received have been dwindling and soon their cushions will be gone. There is no more relief coming and many in Congress, including West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin are determined to keep it that way.

With no indication that inflation will suddenly turn around any time soon, it’s looking like a recession is, indeed, “inevitable” at this point. Buckle up, folks. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

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  1. The real turbulence is just around the corner. This Biden Administration is dumber than rocks, but then again, this is all a planned economic pandemic like the planned Covid-19 pandemic. They want to bring this country to its knees and make it so bad that it would take four more years of a Trump economic boom to turn it around. Then they’d have the excuse to say that Trump’s plan wasn’t working. This is all a One World Order/Great Reset Plan to castrate the United States into economic parity with the rest of the world and allow the Communist Regime of China become the economic super power. After this occurs, then they’ll deal with bringing China in line with their OWO plans so the behind the scenes tyrants can call themselves “god” until God sees fit to make them look like a fizzled out firecracker that never went off after it was lit. And as Paul Harvey would say, “Now, for the rest of the story.”

  2. President Trump warned us that if Biden would be President he’d be the worst President of all time, and proceed to wreck the country.

  3. How the h_ll do the Democrats know how much we citizens have in our accounts? Quote: “an analysis that came out recently that showed middle-class Americans had an additional $10,000 in savings than before the pandemic” and that “another analysis found that all income groups had higher checking account balances at the end of March than they had pre-pandemic.”


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