Must-See: Author Heather MacDonald Breaks Down The Myth Of Systemic Racism In America With Actual Facts

(Rallying Patriots) – The media has been fueling racial tensions in the US for the last several years but their efforts have really ramped up since the death of George Floyd.

Large segments of people within black communities across the US have been convinced that there is an actual “genocide” going on in which thousands of unarmed, innocent black people are senselessly and brutally gunned down each year for no other reason than the color of their skin.

We know this is not true. There is nothing about this narrative based in reality at all yet this myth of systemic racism is still being pushed on Americans by the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter, Corporate America, Big Tech and the corrupt establishment media.

Author of the book “The Diversity Delusion,” Heather MacDonald, joined Rob Schmitt on Newsmax TV Wednesday night to talk about the current racial climate and expose the lies of these progressive entities using these things called “facts.”

Facts are like kryptonite to leftists but if only Americans would turn off the propaganda and concern themselves with facts we might be able to actually unite and come together against the very forces seeking to divide and destroy us.

Don’t expect to hear these actual facts and statistics on any mainstream media outlets as they completely shatter the whole “systemic racism” narrative.

MacDonald first pointed out that “We have a crime problem in this country” and added that “We do not have a police problem.”

She called the idea of “systemic racism” among police “phantom” racism and said that it’s been used over the last 30 years as a distraction “from the cultural breakdown” seen in America.

She contended that, “America does not want to confront the dysfunction of the inner-city black community,” before throwing out some real facts and numbers destroying the idea that the police are racist.

She noted that the percentages of Hispanics and whites that are killed by the police is much greater than the percentage of blacks killed by police.

“10% of all whites and Hispanics who die from homicide are killed by a cop compared to 3% of black homicide victims who are killed by a cop. Why? Because the number of black homicide victims each year is so huge that it dwarfs anything else. Blacks die of homicide at a rate 13 TIMES that of whites,” she explained.

If you want to talk about genocide, look no further than black-on-black crime. Black people kill each other at rates so high, MacDonald says it “dwarfs anything else” and we aren’t even taking into account how many black lives are taken in the form of abortion each year.

Black people are committing genocide against themselves and removing the supposedly “racist” police from the equation is only going to further hurt black communities as crime will only continue to skyrocket.

Do you think radical, progressive leftists are ignorant of this? Of course they aren’t. The left has been actively trying to destroy the black community in America for the last three decades and now they’ve managed to actually recruit black people to fight for their own demise and destruction.

Democratic policies are crimes against humanity and now their calls for the defunding or abolition of the police will only add to the dysfunction, chaos and crime within black communities.

MacDonald went on to point out that last year there were 18 unarmed blacks killed by police officers and that “unarmed” was “defined very liberally to mean going after an officer’s gun or fleeing in a stolen car with a loaded handgun on the seat next to you. Those 18 unarmed blacks represent 0.2% of all blacks who died of homicide last year.”

Clearly, the black community is not being persecuted or targeted by law enforcement. If that were the case there would be a whole heck of a lot more than just 18 “unarmed” blacks killed by police in 2020.

The black communities in America have a crime problem and a Democrat problem. It’s time for them to collectively see the truth and revolt against the very people who claim to care but are only shamelessly using them as pawns to accomplish their globalist agenda.

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