Mozilla Releases Firefox Extension To Shield Women From ‘Hate Speech’

(Rallying Patriots) – Mozilla has released a brand new add-on with the ultimate goal of helping to shield women from “hostile comments” and “hate speech” on the Internet, once again assuming that the ladies out there are just far, far too weak to handle the ridiculousness that occurs online.

You would think women would be offended by the fact that Mozilla thinks they are gigantic wusses who can’t handle some of the harshness that is out there on social media. Isn’t that sort of misogynist or something?

According to Infowars, Mozilla released a small statement to discuss the new add-on:

“A great swathe of the internet is positive, a place where people come together to collaborate on ideas, discuss news and share moments of levity and sorrow, too. But there’s also a dark side, where comments, threads and DMs are peppered with ugly, hostile language designed to intimidate and harass. Women online, especially women who are outspoken in any field — journalism, tech, government, science, and so on — know this all too well,” Mozilla said.

“What’s the solution? People being less terrible, obviously. Until we reach that stage of human maturity, the B!tch to Boss extension for Firefox can help by replacing words like “bitch”, often used in derogatory comments and messages directed at women, with the word ‘boss,'” the company added.

“[…] Mozilla is committed to an internet that promotes civil discourse, human dignity and individual expression. A person’s sex or gender shouldn’t determine their access, opportunities or quality of experience online. Will the B!tch to Boss extension solve the problem of hostility and hate speech directed at women online? No, but it will make some insults sting less so we can all get on with making the internet a better place for everyone,” the statement said.

Now, CEO Mitchell Baker has received tons of criticism over the years for the fact that her salary continues to go up, up, up, while the company’s stock goes down, down, down.

“Mitchell Baker, Mozilla’s top executive, was paid $2.4m in 2018, a sum I personally think of as instant inter-generational wealth. Payments to Baker have more than doubled in the last five years,” Cal Paterson reported in 2020.

“As far as I can find, there is no UK-based NGO whose top executive makes more than £1m ($1.3m) a year. The UK certainly has its fair share of big international NGOs – many much bigger and more significant than Mozilla,” Paterson added.

It appears that Baker is now trying to get foundation money by helping to aid in the push for censorship on the Internet. Back in November of 2020, Mozilla put out a report that was called “The Decentralized Web of Hate,” which called for censorship as a weapon to combat “white supremacists.”

Then, in January, Baker herself put out an article called, “We need more than deplatforming,” which stated that “the temporary silencing or permanent removal of bad actors [such as Trump] from social media platforms” isn’t enough.

The “rampant use of the internet to foment violence and hate, and reinforce white supremacy is about more than any one personality,” Baker went on to say.

In order to stop people like Donald Trump from exploiting “the architecture of the internet,” Baker called for platforms to change up their algorithms and “turn on by default the tools to amplify factual voices over disinformation.”

Folks, the radical left wants to silence you by any means necessary. They will not come right out and call it censorship because they know if they do, people all over the world will fight against it tooth and nail. No, they will couch it in causes like “fighting against hatred” because who doesn’t want to combat hatred in the world, right?

Meanwhile, what they consider hatred is basically anything they disagree with. It’s sad to see this happening on such a massive scale.

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