MMA Champion Colby Covington Absolutely Goes Total Savage On LeBron James, Calls Him A ‘Piece Of Crap’ And A China Apologist

(Rallying Patriots) – Mixed Martial Arts champion Colby Covington is a die-hard Trump supporter and conservative who is absolutely unafraid to share exactly what he thinks about a given issue or person, a truth he proved by his appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room program.

According to a report put out by Gateway Pundit, Colby completely went savage on NBA star LeBron James during his interview with Bannon, referring to him as a “China apologist,” amongst many other things.

“I see all the hypocrisy from Lebron. He claims to be about social justice but he won’t say, “Free Hong Kong!” He won’t say anything about the Uighurs locked up in concentration camps in China. You know, he won’t talk about all the women that he’s profiting off of in the Chinese sweatshops that are making all of his shoes for dollars that he’s coming over to America and selling them for hundreds and profiting millions off of here in America. So, I just wanted to call a spade a spade, I wasn’t going to allow him to dupe the people that he’s a social justice warrior and he’s on this pedestal. NO! That guy is not on a pedestal. He’s just a piece of crap, a piece of garbage!” Colby said, full of passion and fire.

Covington is far from the first person to take issue with LeBron James.

In fact, another piece by GP talked about a video from a Bellevue, Idaho police officer who went viral after he posted a very funny video mocking James. However, the officer ended up getting suspended over the video, which is ridiculous and then eventually fired.

Officer Nate Silvester stated he believed the city had been looking for ways to fire him for a long time over political pressure, so he wasn’t surprised this happened after the video went viral.

“As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Silvester was suspended for a week over his viral TikTok video responding to the basketball player’s threat against the cop who was involved in the fatal shooting of an armed teenager who was in the process of trying to stab another girl,” the report said.

“Silvester’s best friend, Gannon Ward, started a fundraiser to try and raise a few bucks so that his friend would not be out any pay over the joke. People rallied and raised over a half million dollars for him and his family. He subsequently landed a book deal about life as a police officer in these crazy times,” the report continued.

So the mayor, who was allegedly pushing for Silvester to be booted off the force, said that he was not fired due to the content of his speech but because he didn’t follow “well established policy.”

Yeah. Right.

The man was fired because he lashed out at a professional athlete for some silly comments he made on social media that caused folks to go crazy and call the guy a racist. He was a conservative leaning individual and that just didn’t sit well with the mayor.

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