Foreign Nationals Sporting Almost-New Biden T-Shirts Demand ‘Biden Please Let Us In!’ — Who Made These Shirts?

(Rallying Patriots) – Earlier in the week, migrants who traveled from Central America took a knee at the Tijuana-San Ysidro port of entry in the hopes of being let into the United States and receive our country’s humanitarian asylum. These individuals were rocking almost new “Biden Please Let Us In!” shirts where have been getting quite a bit of attention on social media.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of unaccompanied minors who have arrived at the southern border of the United States and Mexico. Biden and his administration refuse to call this situation what it really is, which is a crisis. Instead, they are referring to it as a “challenge.”

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported taking 5,707 unaccompanied children into custody in January, an 18% rise from the previous month. The growing number of children in custody is beginning to strain the government’s ability to properly house and care for them,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

Biden’s administration is currently working toward processing a staggering 25,000 asylum seekers who are currently staying in Mexico while they are still under former President Trump’s “Remain-in-Mexico” policy which is part of the Migrant Protection Protocol that was created in 2019.

The president has promised that he will bring in more refugees, which naturally has caused increased numbers of people to try and come into the country at the southern border. He’s also promised them that he would put in place a “humane” policy, such as a proposal that would pay for transportation and healthcare costs for migrant families who were separated while Trump was in office.

The real question on everyone’s mind is who paid for the shirts and the signs?

Video footage of the incident features migrants getting down on their knees at the port of entry in their new t-shirts.

This whole thing is happening because Biden is playing politics with these people and with the laws of our nation. If you wouldn’t let a random stranger into your house from the streets, why would we allow something like that to happen to us at a national scale?

These individuals could spread the coronavirus in superspreader events. Many of them have criminal records. It’s a direct threat to our national security to not tighten up border security.

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  1. Democrat’s and communist people being let in by Biden’s all are welcome for votes, enough we can not support everyone in the world. Someone wants us to join the One Worlders, I say this must stop they are buying votes by this open border policy.


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